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Research and Publications
    Department of Health Services Administration

Research -Faculty Publications, 2010-2018,  
Dr. Syed Rahman
1.      Rahman S A., (2017) Abstract: Awareness and attitudes on breast cancer and breast self-examination practice among the female students at the University of Sharjah. 25th World Cancer Conference, October 29-21, 2017 Rome Italy. Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy. October volume 9 issue 9 ISSN: 1948-5956.
2.      Rahman S A., (2017) Abstract: Childhood Cancer: Asilent Killar of Children in low and middle income countries. 25th World Cancer Conference, October 29-21, 2017 Rome Italy. Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy. October volume 9 issue 9 ISSN. DOI 10.4172/1948-5956-C1-110.
3.      Nabeel Yateem; Maria Brenner; Alaa Ahmed; Syed Rahman. Evaluating the Reliability and Validity of the Arabic Version of the Parents Perceptions of Uncertainty Scale (PPUS).  Journal of Paediatric  Nursing, 2017
4.      Ashraf Ahmed Zaghlul., Syed Azizur Rahman., Nagwa Younes Abuo El- Enein: Obligation towards medical errors disclosure at a tertiary care hospital in Dubai, UAE. International Journal of Risk &Safety in Medicine 28 (2016) 93-99 OIS Press. DOI 10.3233/jrs-160722
5.      Dean A Regiera,b,c, Colene Bentleya,b, Craig Mittonc,d, Stirling Bryanc,d, Michael M Burgessc,e, Ellen Chesneyf, Andy Coldmang, Jennifer Gibsonh,i, Jeffrey Hochi,j, Syed Rahman k, Mona Sabharwall, Carol Sawkai, Victoria Schuckelm, Stuart J Peacocka,b,c,* (2014). Public Engagement in Priority-Setting: Results from a pan-Canadian Survey of Decision-makers in Cancer Control. Social Science & Medicine   manuscript number: (2014) SSM-D-14-00840R3
6.      Rahman SA., Ahmend M., Mustak I: (2014) Abstract: Unqualified Health Care Providers in Rural Bangladesh; Quality of Services and Effects on Maternal and Child Health,  :  Second World Congress on Integrated Care: 23-25 November,  2014, Sydney, Australia

7.       Rahman SA., Tara Kielmann., Normand C., McPake B Sept. 2012: Healthcare-Seeking Behaviour among the Tribal people in Bangladesh: can the current health system really meet their need?"  International Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition,. Online version is available at
8.      Rahman SA, Peacock S: (2016) Nominal Group Technique (NGT) as an effective research priority setting method: experience from an International Childhood Cancer Forum (ICCF) Bangladesh, (Submitted), Journal in Health, Population and Nutrition.
 Dr.Ashraf Zaghloul

1.    Zaghloul AA, Elsergany M. Prevalence and risk factors of cigarette consumption among the University of Sharjah students. Global Journal of Health Science. 2018;10(3):13-19. http://doi:10.5539/gjhs.v10n3p13

2.         Zaghloul AA. Hospital Advertisements in Newspapers, Is It Still Worth It? Global Journal of Health Science. 2017; Vol. 9, No. 5. http://doi:10.5539/gjhs.v9n5p27

3.      Zaghloul AA, Syed Azizur Rahman, and Nagwa Younes Abou El-Enein. Obligation towards medical errors disclosure at a tertiary care hospital in Dubai, UAE. International Journal of Risk & Safety in Medicine. 2016;28: 93–99. doi:10.3233/JRS-160722
4.      Zaghloul AA, El Sergany M , Mosallam R.  A Measure For Barriers Towards Medical Disclosure Among Health Professionals In The UAE. Journal of Patient Safety. 2015; doi: 10.1097/PTS.0000000000000166
5.      Zaghloul AA, El Sergany M, El Enein N, Alsuwaidi H, Ayub M. Over-the-counter medication patterns in households in Sharjah, UAE. Risk Management and Healthcare  Policy. 2014;7:19-24. doi:
6.      El Enein, N., El Ghany, A. Zaghloul, A. Knowledge and performance among nurses before and after a training programme on patient falls. Open Journal of Nursing. 2012; 2: 358-364. doi: 10.4236/ojn.2012.24053.
7.      Abou El Enein NY, Zaghloul AA. Nurses' knowledge of prevention and management of pressure ulcer at a Health Insurance Hospital in Alexandria. International Journal of Nursing Practice 2011;17:262-268.
8.      Abou El Enien NY, Mohamad SAM, Zaghloul AA. Health care providers' views about supervisory visits in Family Health Centers and Units in Alexandria. J Egypt Public Health Assoc. 2010; 3:189-204.
9.      Zaghloul AA, Abou El Enein NY. Hourly-block and standard patient scheduling systems at two private hospitals in Alexandria. J Multidisciplinary Healthcare 2010;3:225-232.    PMCid:3024892

10.  Zaghloul AA, Hayajneh Y, AlMarzouki A. Factor Analysis for an Institutional Image Instrument. International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing 2010;7 DOI: 10.1007/s12208-010-0056-3

Dr Amina
1.      Hussein A. Baumann A. Awad M, Almarzooqi A. Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Implications for national health strategy, Emirates Medical Journal 2004: 20 (1): 91-95
2.      Zaghloul A. Hayajneh Y. Almarzooqi A. Factor Analysis for an Institutional Image Instrument, Int. Rev Public Nonprofit Mark, (2010) 7: 157-166

Dr. Michael Otim
1.     Yolanda G Lovie-Toon, (2018), Anne B Chang, PhD; Peter A Newcombe, PhD; Dimitrios Vagenas, PhD; Sophie Anderson-James, BNSc; Benjamin J Drescher, BNSc; Michael E Otim, PhD; Kerry-Ann F O'Grady, PhD (2018), Longitudinal study of quality of life among children with acute respiratory infection and cough, Quality of Life Research, URL:  (IF 2.486, Q1).
2.     Kerry K Hall, Anne B Chang, Jennie Anderson, Daniel Arnold, Michael Otim, Kerry-Ann F O'Grady (2018), Health service utilisation amongst urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged younger than 5 years registered with a primary health-care service in South-East Queensland, J. of Paediatrics & Child Health, Vol. 54, Issue 1: Pp. 1-32. . (IF=1.572).
3.     Kerry K Hall, Anne B Chang, Jennie Anderson, Daniel Arnold, Melissa Dunbar, Michael Otim, Kerry-Ann F O'Grady, (2017). The incidence and outcomes of acute respiratory illness with cough in children from a socio-economically disadvantaged urban community in Australia: a community-based prospective cohort study, Frontiers in Pediatrics, 5: 228. Doi: 10.3389/fped.2017.00228. (IF 2.14; Q1). URL:
4.     Leonard Baatiema, Michael E. Otim, Shawn Somerset, Ama de-graft Aikins, Judith Coombes, George Mnatzaganian (2017) Health Professionals' Views on the Barriers and Enablers to Evidence-Based Practice for Acute Stroke Care: A Systematic Review, Implementation Science DOI: 10.1186/s13012-017-0599-3 (IF: 3.201, Q1).
5.     Leonard Baatiema, MSc; Michael Otim, PhD; George Mnatzaganian, PhD; Ama De-Graft Aikins, PhD; Judith Coombes, MSc; Shawn Somerset, PhD (2017), Towards best practice in acute stroke care in Ghana: a survey of hospital services. BMC Health Services Research 17:108, DOI 10.1186/s12913-017-2061-2. (IF. 1.606, Q1) URL: