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Research and Publications

Faculty Publications, 2010-2017
1.      Semerjian, L., Abdulmonim, S., Al-Jabri, N., and Yousef, A., "Water Quality Assessment of Selected Public Water Coolers in Sharjah, UAE", 4th International Conference on Water and Society, June 5-7, 2017, Seville, Spain.
2.      Hamdan H., Salam, D., Hari, A.R., Semerjian, L., Saikaly, P., "Bioremediation of PAHs-Contaminated Marine Sediments Using SMFCs Under Different Redox Conditions", Fourth International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies, May 22-25, 2017, Miami, Florida, USA.
3.      Semerjian, L., Abdulmonim, S., Al-Jabri, N., and Yousef, A., "Water Quality Assessment of Selected Public Water Coolers in Sharjah, UAE", Wessex Institute of Technology Transactions on Ecology and the Environment, vol. 216, 2017.
4.      Hamdan H., Salam, D., Hari, A.R., Semerjian, L., Saikaly, P., "Assessment of the performance of SMFCs in the bioremediation of PAHs in contaminated marine sediments under different redox conditions and analysis of the associated microbial communities", Science of the Total Environment, 575C, pp. 1453-1461, 2017.
5.      Semerjian, L., "Untreated pine (Pinus halepensis) sawdust: A promising cost-effective adsorbent for minimizing environmental health risks from cadmium pollution", International Conference on Solutions for a Better Life: Future World Leaders, 21-25 Feb 2016, UOS, UAE.
6.      Semerjian, L., Damaj, A., and Salam, D., "Comparative study of humic acid removal and floc characteristics by electrocoagulation and chemical coagulation", Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 187(11), pp. 670-685, 2015.
7.      Semerjian, L., Haber E., Mouannes, E., Kayali ElAlem, S., Ewies, J, and Al Daawi, H., "Microbial Concrete", 13th FEA Student and Alumni Conference, American University of Beirut, 2014 (Best Paper Award)
8.      Sayess, R., Saikaly, P. E., El–Fadel, M., Lib, D., and Semerjian L., "Reactor performance in terms of COD and nitrogen removal and bacterial community structure of a three–stage rotating bioelectrochemical contactor", Water Research, 47(2), pp. 881-94, 2013.
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