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 I'm a 2017 graduate with a Bachelors in Environmental Health Sciences. EHS is an interesting broad major. Each course individually created a new experience for me. The course added to my knowledge, yet tied it all together. Our professors were the motivators by always encouraging us and making sure each one of us comprehended all the given information.
Since I'm a recent graduate, I can proudly say that my four year journey as a student in EHS helped me build confidence in a science that I always had the passion for. It opened so many doors for me. Hopefully, it will help me build a successful career of my own.
Dalal AlBaharna
Jan, 2018

As a University of Sharjah graduate from the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, I feel very confident of my abilities in my field of expertise .There was a balance between theoretical and practical teaching that was enough to get the essential knowledge,All the courses given have met the right aims outcomes
I had also many great experiences within the campus, whether it was working for long hours in the labs to being  able to attend various conferences that enabled me to engage and prepare myself before graduation. For that, I am grateful to all my professors and university for this great knowledge experience ,thank you UOS .

 Jawaher Al-Mehairi
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Sciences
Class of 2017

This is a well-established program that has both immediate and long-term strategic value to UoS, to Sharjah, and to the country. As the first and most complete program in Environmental Health Sciences in the Emirates, it is positioned to address professional workforce development needs that will grow significantly as the Emirates economy continues to expand in all sectors. The emphasis on the science base and the challenges of defining priorities and approaches for managing environmental issues related to food, water quality, waste management, air quality, sustainable energy, occupational protection, environmental protection tied to industrial activities ranging from petrochemical to agriculture to transportation all combine to make this program a natural launching pad for graduate study and a center of excellence in the region.
By reputation and by the External Review Team’s observations, the program is of high quality and provides a background to professional practice that equals or exceeds that in major programs in Europe or the Americas.

External Review Team 2014
Thinking of Environmental health and Sciences at first was a bit different than thinking of any other major before enrolling into the University. Maybe, because students have different perceptions about the image of it in general.  Choosing to study this major was the best decision I have ever made. The program includes a very huge variety of courses which never made it uninteresting to study. It was so exciting and very enjoyable. The program helped us to realize and notice the importance of details of the environment surrounding us, how it functions, and made us always think twice before doing any act. It made us more responsible towards our homes, environment and our community as a whole.  Our professors were amazing guides, teachers and leaders who had always pushed us beyond our limits so we could expand and explore more of our intuition within ourselves. Those four prosperous years of studying and fun will be unforgettable, and will always hold a great warm place in my heart.

Mira Alowais –Graduate 2014 - Environmental Officer -  Bee'ah Company - -Sharjah
I am a 2013 graduate in Bsc Environmental Health. My experience in this course was truly amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed this program as it was very diverse and broad and got to learn many different fields covering Environment, Health, Safety and Waste Management. The professors really support the students and encourage and motivate everyone. This increased job opportunities by being able to apply in any of these fields.
I am currently working in Emirates Global Aluminium for 2 years now in the a Environment Department. My job basically consists of the Environment Management Systems. We ensure that we comply with the ISO 14001:2004 standards. We closely work with auditors both internally and externally in order to improve our systems. Also my job consists of preparing permits and dealing with various consultants. I regularly plan events and campaigns related to environmental events such as Earth Hour, Cleanup the UAE.
Truly enjoyed this program as it helped me grow both in knowledge and socially as well.

Abeer Baggash
Supervisor, Environment – EHSFS -  Emirates Global Aluminium
I graduated with a Science Bachelor degree in Environmental Health in 2013. My degree course at University of Sharjah provided me not only with the necessary academic and legislative knowledge, but i helped me also gain vast communication and management skills, and practical experiences that enhance my career awareness enriched with the passion of what I do as a qualified Assistant HSE manager in Burj Al Arab. I work in the Health and Safety team  and large portion of my role involves food safety and hygiene inspections. I also look after the safety of my colleagues and the building by carrying out risk assessments, safety walkthroughs and conduct incidents and near miss investigations. And proudly as part of a Green Globe certified building, i have a proactive  advisory role which involves working with other departments within our property to plan practical projects and innovate ideas that are environmentally friendly and contribute positively to our culture and society. I would have not accomplished all of my achievements in such a period of time if it wasn’t for my academic attainment. 

Jumana Khanfar - Assistant HSE manager – Jumeirah Group  - Dubai