​​​​The College of Health Sciences at the University of Sharjah aspires to become a leading academic institution  for quality education, research, and community service at the national, regional and international levels.
​The College of Health Sciences at the University of Sharjah through educational programs that emphasize evidence-based practice prepares competent, culturally sensitive and safe professionals: fosters self-directed learning; encourages research and community services; promotes interdisciplinary collaboration; and builds professional leadership and commitment.​
The Goals of the college of Health Sciences are to :

1.   Prepare qualified, knowledgeable and skilled health care professionals to assume their roles effectively as practitioners, administrators, educators, and researchers in different fields of the health care system

2.   Advance scientific knowledge through providing opportunities and support for faculty and students to engage in health-related research, especially research focused on local and regional needs

3.   Promote the health and wellbeing of populations and environments by actively addressing health related issues, particularly those having local and regional impact.

4.   Maintain an academic environment that is intellectually stimulating, culture-preserving, supportive, and facilitates learning, research, and community service.

5.   Provide programs of study that match students aspirations and abilities while fostering the pursuit of personal, social, academic and career objectives of the students.

6.   Provide programs of study that fulfill the  human resource needs of local and regional health care industry, especially the needs of the Emirate of Sharjah and the wider UAE.

7.   Promote the quality of higher education in the UAE by adhering to the mandates of excellence in all college undertakings and through collaboration with other  institutions.