Resources & Facilities


Studio for Interior Architecture and Design

 This studio is provided with the equipment required to enable students to work on their design development. Each year of studies has a separate space with drawing tables, mood board spaces and storage area.

Workshop- Engineering machine shop with lathe and milling machine

Rewak Gallery- 'Rewak' is a purpose-built art and gallery with the design, lighting arrangements and acoustics providing an effective space for the presentation all art forms and artists. The Gallery s mission is to support pedagogy, research and studio practice within the College and it is seen as an integral part of the teaching and learning programs; this is reflected in the graduation exhibitions and student shows held in the gallery each year.

Photo studio- students are introduced to the basics of photography needed to produce quality promotional material for fashion and textile design portfolios. Studio is equipped with the professional cameras and other required facilities.

 Small cinema- this area serves as the presentation and lecture room with video and audio facilities. Students are able to present their projects in the most professional way on the wide screen.

Auditorium- this room enables students to have group lectures   as well as attending  the presentation of guest lectures and speakers from various fields of art and design professions.​​​