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Commenced Year
Study System
Total Credit Hours
Study Mode

Bachelor in Interior Architecture and Design

Program Overview

The Interior Architecture and Design Program at the College of Fine Arts and Design is to 
facilitate learning,  creative expression, and social action through the design of appropriate spaces for human habitation, utilizing:

•    Understanding of materials
•   Appropriate application of joints and the joining of materials
•   Principal awareness of structures and systems and appropriate implementation
•   Utilizing appropriate methods of representation including advanced digital
•   Awareness of social responsibility and role of professional in society
•    Innovative methods of conceiving spaces

Course #      Course Title                                    Theme    UK Credit Rating     US Credit Rating

Stage Two

0705201      Unit 1: Introduction and Discovery        I                  30                           6

0702204      Unit 2 : Personal and Professional         III                 10                           2
                   Development - Emirates Project

0705202      Unit 3A : Understanding and                 I                  20                           4
                    Exploration of Space                                  

0705203      Unit 3B : Communication Skills              II                  10                           2

0710201      Unit 4 : Cultural Studies                         I                   20                           4

0705204      Unit 5 : Structures, Synthesis and           I                   30                           6

                                                                           Total             120                    24

Stage Three

0705301      Unit 6 : Integrated Project                     I                   30                           6

0710301      Unit 7 : Cultural College Elective           II                   10                           2

0705302      Unit 8 Design : Concepts,                      I                   30                           6
Configuration and  Detailed Planning

0710302      Unit 9 : Cultural Studies Research        II                10                               2

0705303      Unit 10 : Realization                            I                30                               6

0705304      Unit 11: Personal and Professional      III               10                               2
                                                                           Total             120                    24


0705305     Unit 11B  : Internship (Internship          III               15                             3
                  counts for 3 credits towards Stage Four)

Stage Four

0710401      Unit 12 : Cultural Studies                    II                 20                             4
0705401      Unit 13: Major Project: Research,        I                  40                           80
                   Planning and Organization

0705402      Unit 14: Major Project Prototype,        I                  45                          90
                   Detailed Design Presentation

                                                                            Total             120                    24

Program Description

The BA Interior Architecture Program framework comprises a four-year full time mode of study 
including a common Foundation year in Art and Design during the first stage of the program together with 24 credit hours to fulfill general University requirements and electives.

Stage One: Stage I is structured around three core units in Art and Design studio practice and two units in CulturalStudies comprising lectures and seminars as described in the College Requirement section above.

Stages Two, Three and Four: After successful completion of Stage One - Foundation in Art and 
Design, the program is distributed across three broad learning areas, referred to as Themes, which run throughout and across Stages Two, Three and Four of the program. The themes are:

Theme IV. Design Practice
Theme V. Contextual and Cultural Studies
Theme VI. Personal and Professional Development 

Description of those themes follows.

THEME I: Design Practice

Theme I involves Fine Arts Practice and encompasses the stages and units summarized in the 
following table.

Theme I Design Practice

Stage Two           Units 1, 3A, 3B and 5 
Stage Three        Units 6, 8, and 10 
Stage Four          Units 13A, 13B and 14

Theme I units are described below.

0705201: Unit 1 - Design: Introduction and Discovery.
This unit introduces you to some of the fundamental qualitative aspects of three-dimensional design through explora- tion. The unit also stimulates familiarization with basic pragmatic, related issues, which require consideration as part of the spatial design process. The tasks are designed to promote the progressive investigation of space and its defining experiential qualitative through developmental project work in conjunction with recommended research of historical and contemporary architectural, interior and design examples.

0705202: Unit 3A - Design: Understanding and Exploration of Space
This unit is designed to stimulate investigation into the pragmatic aspects of design, including 
ergonomics, structure, materials and construction etc. and their integrated application in creating 
interior and architectural spaces.

0705203: Unit 3B - Communication Skills
This unit aims to assist you in the development of an understanding of Orthographic Drawing, Studio Reprographics, Perspective Drawing, and Digital Design.

0705204: Unit 5 - Design: Structures, Synthesis and Integration
This unit is designed to raise your awareness of a real site context with its physical and 
socio-cultural implications. Within a project encouraging the exploration of functional issues, you 
are encouraged to bring together their responses to the site and their personal views into the 
design of a well-functioning interior and architectural space. Through this project, you should 
demonstrate consideration of pragmatic as well as qualitative, experiential spatial issues and your 
holistic and creative response to all these.

0705301: Unit 6 - Design: Integrated Project
In the context of an integrated interior design project this unit aims to develop an understanding 
of the fundamental principles and terminology of building construction and building materials and to develop an understanding of an ap- propriate CAD package at an appropriate level.

0705302: Unit 8 - Design: Concepts, Configuration and Detailed Planning
This unit comprises two equal elements: Configuration and Detailed Planning.
The Configuration Element provides you with the opportunity to develop an understanding of how planning strategies are developed for given interior design building programs within a specific architectural envelope. Design work is under- taken at scales of 1:100 and 1:50.The Detailed Planning Element provides you with the opportunity to develop design proposals that consider very specific issues concerning ergonomic needs, finishes and materials within a focused small-scale design project. Design work is undertaken at scales of 1:50 and 1:20.

0705303: Unit 10 - Design: Realization
This unit provides you with an opportunity to develop a design plan into a detailed proposal that 
addresses the design, detailing, finishing and specification of architectural and interior elements 
at an appropriate level. Design work is under- taken at scales of1:50 through to 1:10.

0705401: Unit 13 - Major Project: Research, Planning and Organization
This unit consists of a design project that requires you to develop planning strategies at scales 
of 1:100 and 1:50.You are provided with the opportunity to explore and develop concepts through an understanding of context, site and func- tion. A “menu” of building programs, sites and interiors will be provided for you to select from. A key aspect of the unit will be an investigation and development of communication formats skills and techniques appropriate to the subject.

0705402: Unit 14 - Design: Major Project Prototype
This unit consists of a design project that requires the student to develop detailed design 
proposals at scales of1:20 and 1:10 or greater. Students are provided with the opportunity to 
explore and develop concepts through an understanding of materials, construction and function. A “menu” of project vehicles exploring “retail” and “exhibition design” will be pro- vided for 
students to select from. A key aspect of the module will be an investigation and development of 
communication formats skills and techniques appropriate to the subject.

THEME II: Contextual and Cultural Studies

Theme II involves Contextual and Cultural Studies and encompasses the stages and units summarized in the following table.

Theme II: Contextual and Cultural Studies

Stage Two            Units 4 
Stage Three         Units 7, 9
Stage Four          12

Theme II Units are described below.

0710201: Unit 4 - Cultural Studies
This unit is structured into a lecture on the development of interior, furniture design and 
architecture and a text-based interpretation of the time periods, flanked by a workshop on academic reading and writing. It introduces the history of interior design/architecture from the second half of the 19th century, the second wave of the industrial revolution, up until Postmodernism and beyond. Topics include basic terminology (glossary repertoire) and an analysis of the interior design principles that will enable the comprehension of visual idioms through a historical survey of modern and post- modern interior design. Special attention is given to the influence fine arts had on the mindset of outstanding Interior designers/architects. Embedded into an overall cultural historical development, synergy effects between interior design/ architecture and other design fields (such as industrial or fashion design and/or architecture) are being discussed, to prevent strictly categorical thinking within just one field being addressed, as to access a diversified source-spectrum  of inspiration.

0710301: Stage Three - Unit 7: Cultural Studies Elective
The cultural studies elective is a unit that gives students the opportunity to complement and 
underpin their main area of study. It is situated at the start of Stage Three in order to build 
upon the program specific contextual studies in Stage Two and help prepare students for the 
critical interrogation and positioning of their practice in Stage Four.Students have the opportunity to engage with students from other programs and to engage in debate and discussion of the cultural issues. The unit 7 elective subjects enable students to develop in-depth awareness in one chosen area. Each elective option offers opportunities for the acquisition of a range of conceptual tools in the analysis of cultural products, whether arts, design, or popular culture.

0710302: Unit 9 - Cultural Studies Research Project
This unit offers an opportunity for students to carry out an extended body of research on a topic 
of their choice in ne- gotiation with faculty. Students identify a research problem and apply 
research instruments and methodologies in the development of a self-directed research project. 
Students develop a proposal relevant to fine arts and/or design that defines a research problem and produce a preliminary structure that informs the final dissertation (Stage Four, Unit Twelve).This unit provides students with an understanding of what research entails and examines a range of research methods, primary/secondary sources and writing styles. Building on previous Cultural Studies units, students chosen topics are discussed and debated in a peer learning environment. This encourages students to think critically and de- velop their own ideas from an informed, well researched position. The work in this unit requires students to further refine previously acquired knowledge in academic protocols through written assignments.

0710401: Unit 12 - Cultural Studies Dissertation
Following on from Unit Nine where students complete an initial body of research and identify key 
research questions, this unit facilitates the development of the major research dissertation. 
Students are expected to refine their research questions and to develop a coherent and reasoned 
argument of cultural, social or historical relevance to fine arts and/or design. The dissertation project is a significant body of self-directed research, presented in an appropriate style, sup-
ported by a bibliography and correct citation of sources. The dissertation can be supported by 
visual material. In this unit students apply their understanding of research and research 
methodologies in the development of the dissertation. The emphasis is on writing a well-structured and coherent outcome, involving critical analysis. This unit consolidates the development of students as thinking practitioners and prepares them to undertake studies at postgraduate level.

THEME III: Personal and Professional Development

Theme II involves Personal and Professional Development and encompasses the stages and units 
summarized in the following table.

Theme III: Personal and Professional Development

Stage Two             Unit 2
Stage Three          Units 11 A and 11B 
Stage Four            12

Theme III Units are described below.

0702204: Unit 2 - Personal and Professional Development-Emirates Project
In Unit Two students are introduced to a wide range of venues, practitioners organizations, and 
other resources that facilitate research, personal development and professional opportunities 
existing in Sharjah and the United Arab Emir- ates. Students are introduced to topics, workshops 
and writing exercises dealing with the relevant local cultural resourc- es, media and publicity, 
heritage and contemporary art/design appreciation. Students acquire and improve basic skills and approaches to learning that include teamwork, professional ethics, communication and 
resourcefulness strength- ening and supporting their studies throughout Stage Two and their program as a whole.

0705304: Unit 11 A - Personal and Professional Development
This Personal and Professional Development Unit (PPD) compliments students’ design studies across the programs. This unit is split into two sections with the first section focusing on particular aspects of subject based professional practice(s), career development and life-long learning. The second part is structured in a cross disciplinary way and involves teamwork (mixed discipline) to generate conceptual development to a common brief. The purpose is to provide students with an opportunity to prepare for a professional environment and to reflect on their current skills and abilities, including collaboration, time management, team skills, presentation skills, and communication. The objective of the Unit is to facilitate knowledge and skills that can support student career paths in the future.

0705305: Unit 11 B - Internship
Internship in the Interior Architecture Design Program gives students an excellent opportunity to 
apply their knowledge and skills gained through the curriculum to professional practice. In turn 
this will help students decide career and further learning paths. Emphasis is on the interaction of 
interior architecture design practice to other professions and aspects
of the wider industry