Department's Welcome
Welcome to the College of Fine Art and Design, Department of Graphic Design and Multimedia. The programme focuses on graphic design with multimedia as a complementary component, a strategy reflecting the realities of contemporary practices in the graphic design industry. This incorporates a broad range of practices such as visual communication, typography, print and digital media, web design (design for books, magazines and exhibitions, packaging, branding, corporate identity and interface design), and the design of multimedia (motion graphics and interactive design, television graphics and moving images).

Our aim is to equip a new generation of designers with the tools required for the 21st century, in the constantly evolving design industry.

The Graphic Design & Multimedia programme at CFAD offers a training that combines the theories and history of the profession with practical hands-on, project based exercises, and extensive opportunities to tackle the day-to-day design challenges. The programme leads to a variety of professional design destinations including working for design studios for print and digital media. Graduating designers can also move into other related areas such as mass media, marketing, advertising and promotions. The BA Graphic Design and Multimedia programme is a four-year programme of study comprising four progressive stages.