This is perhaps the most comprehensive Fine Arts program in the region that focuses on the critical tradition of modern and contemporary studio practice. 


Dr. Izmer Bin Ahmad, Assistant Professor & Fine Arts Program Coordinator.



I graduated from CFAD and now am teaching here. This college has become my second home, with the staffs and students as part of a big family.


Dr. Karima Alshomely, Assistant Professor.



CFAD is where multicultural society and design activities meet. My students are from various countries with various background. It creates a great design society in the college. 

Dr. Mohamad Izani


I love this college. That is not an off –the-cuff remark but rather a well considered opinion. I have been teaching in the UAE for 17 years and I have never worked with such a friendly, efficient and well minded group as we have hear at CFAD.  In addition the students hear are fantastic. They are friendly, well mannered and really want to learn.  I am truly well impressed with the level of collegiality in these hallways.

Phil Sheil
Associate Professor

The College of Fine Arts and design was established in 2001. The College currently offers undergraduate programs in Fine Art, Fashion Design with Textiles, Graphic Design and Multimedia, and Interior Architecture and Design. All the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree programs follow a four-year full-time mode of study, which includes a common first year Foundation in Art and design. On successful completion of the Foundation year, students select, through help and negotiation with their tutors, the subject area in which they wish to specialize for the next three years of study. The College attracts faculty and staff from across the worlds that are active practitioners and/or engaged in research. The College promotes links with the cultural and creative industries and the local community and students have the opportunity to meet and work with established artists, designers, businesses and organizations.

Dr.Abdulsamad Alkhalidi
Assistant Professor

Fine Arts graduates from College of Fine Arts and Design, University of Sharjah achieve exemplary proficiencies, knowledge, skills and attitudes to confidently work as fine arts practitioners, prepared for careers in fine arts or to pursue Fine Arts postgraduate study. With a BA in Fine Arts, our graduates may also have opportunity to apply their learning to further pursue arts related study such as arts education, arts management and curatorial studies.

Dr.Yakup Rafee

The College of Fine Arts and Design offers an autonomous foundation program that prepares students from various backgrounds for the rigors of our well-established programs in art and design. The Fine Arts facilities are very unique to the region and parallel art schools in Britain and the United States. Students have the ability and infrastructure to pursue virtually anything they can conceive. The faculty is trained and active in a variety of techniques and mediums capable of mentoring students appropriately in the well-equipped studios. CFAD is partnered with national and international entities, further enriching the curriculum to include events, activities and workshops offered by additional professional artists. The College of Fine Arts and Design offers a cultural rich and dynamic educational experience that prepares students to enter into the professional art world.

Matthew James Egan

Associate Professor