"Ever since I was young, I always had an idea of being capable of changing the whole world. I believe that there are millions of ways to achieve that vision. One of them is by inventing or discovering something new in the field of science and engineering which will make a difference and unravel a catastrophe.  I have joined the sustainable and renewable energy engineering department in University of Sharjah knowing that it's a new major and it has new challenges. The past few decades people started relying on non-sustainable sources of energy such as fossil fuels and coal. Thus, matter of climate change in our little planet is getting bigger and more serious, and who knows what the future holds, I believe that one day if we kept relying on machines that creates CO2 in our atmosphere, we might end up with superior problems of starvation, poverty and even worse."

Meera Saeed Khalifa R A Almazrooei Almehairi 

"Right now I'm in my sixth semester in this specialty. It all started when I was at high-school as in our curriculum it was recommended to take a brief explanation about the Fuel cells, it didn't seem that much until my chemistry teacher explained it in a really exciting way, I was so amused about how it's actually possible to generate power using a clean source! I was so enthused about a single idea related to renewable energy, so how do you think I would feel about a whole major related to it! That's why I chose to study Renewable & Sustainable Energy Engineering.​"

Haneen Fayyad Ratib Alkhofash 

"I chose to major in sustainable and renewable energy engineering because it met most of my interests and I want to be part of the generation that can make a difference in the world of sustainability. Now I'm in the middle of my journey and I couldn't be proud of my myself that I chose this major.No doubt that this decision would help my future career."

Tarteel Mohamed Abdelhalim Ali 

"I decided to study engineering renewable energy and I am in the final of the secondary stage as encouraged relatives and supported me my family and encouraged me to enter this field and even teachers at school, and I see that distinct area and areas of work and wide range can work as a designer wind turbines or designed for solar cells, both in their application or supervision In addition to the new ways we produce energy at a lower cost and greater effect." 

Amjad Kaddoura
Fall 2010-2011

"I entered this field because it is a new field is required in the UAE and the whole world is now looking for this discipline, and secondly because the state needs to allocate, and the city of" source "is a reference to all of the income of this area, and frankly I hope to become director of the city," the source "On the day of days.”

Shaima Mohammed Mirza
The early stage of Secondary Schools graduates of the United Arab Emirates 
Fall 2011-2012