I never regretted choosing Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management to be my Bachelor degree. It helped me adopt my position quickly and gave me the confidence to share my knowledge with my co-workers. Many of the aspects and terminologies I faced in my daily working days are things that I have experienced before during my university study.

Hebah Al-Hammadi
Development Engineer,  Dubai Cable Company
Class of 2015


The IEEM department and program was the most amazing touch in my life, and when the feelings are great it is really hard to express it and moreover not knowing from where to start or where to end. But, the only thing I'm certain about is that the IEEM department gave me knowledge and life experience I would never have gotten anywhere else. The professors are marvelous and would treat you like a family. The student activities were beyond exciting and full of surprises. If I sit back asking myself what were the best memories I had, I would without hesitating say the time I spent in the IEEM department .

Tariq Salameh Al-Bluwi 
Consultant, The Excellencors  - AWRostamani Group
Class of 2015


I chose Industrial Engineering because it helped me look at ​​things in a different point of view, it always gave you the concept that yes, you can do things in an efficient way because after all IE helps in creating a better system and process, you may wonder what is the limit of IE and be surprised to see that there are no limit. It also provides a very high potential to land a supervisory or managerial role and this program's tend to give its graduates high-earning jobs since in IE, people don't always remain in the same position but tend to get promoted or are assigned to bigger departments and positions

Sami Almasri   
Supply Chain Lead, IBM Middle East
Class of 2015