Department Overview

​The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers high quality engineering education through its two undergraduate programs in computer engineering and electrical and ​​electronic engineering as well as through its two graduate programs in the same areas. Both undergraduate programs are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, . ABET is the most prestigious Engineering accreditation board.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has more than 600 students who receive a solid foundation of core electrical and computer engineering courses. These courses are delivered by highly qualified faculty members graduated from top universities worldwide. 

The undergraduate programs have a total of  132 credit hours designed to cover the main streams in electrical and computer engineering including, for example, telecommunication systems, electronic circuit design, power systems, computer and communication networks as well as embedded systems and robotics. Students are given the chance to select over 30 credits of different electives depending on their interests.​

Department Vision 

The Department aims to be a leader in the region in providing highly qualified engineers who can address the rapid technological challenges of the future. 

Department Mission

The Department is committed to graduate highly qualified electrical and computer engineers equipped with state of the art knowledge and skills who can contribute to the economic development of the United Arab Emirates and the region, and have ability for life-long learning and a sense of professional responsibility.

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department offers the following programs and degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science. In electrical and electronic engineering
  • Bachelor of Science. In Computer Engineering
  • Master of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic
  • Master of Science in Computer Engineering

Department Strategic Goals:

  1. Graduate well-qualified engineers who are dynamic, interdisciplinary, ethical, and capable of leading the technological development of the future;
  2. Provide state-of-the-art research and innovation that serves industry and society.
  3. Provide a diverse and stimulating intellectual environment wherein faculty, students, and staff can thrive and grow.