"My studying experience at UOS was one of the greatest in my life as it provided with the knowledge I need to apply in professional life. I leaned how to improve my communication skills by participating in many of the non-curriculum activities that are organized by the university. As an Electrical Engineering student I gained much experience in multiple disciplines from my respected professors. I thank all those who participated in the progress of this department and I wish everyone joining it to thrive in it like me and my colleagues did. "

Baraa Aljelani
B.Sc. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Class of 2015


"As a University of Sharjah graduate from the Department of Electrical & Computer Department, I feel very confident of my abilities as an Electrical Engineer. The balance between theoretical and practical teaching was enough the get the essential  knowledge. I have also had many great experiences that within its campus, whether it was working a long night in the labs or attending a social event or even organizing the events as a student club member. Thanks to UOS, as well, I was able also to travel around the world to participate in a student congress which was a life time experience. For that I am grateful UOS."

Ahmed Salhin
B.Sc. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Class of 2014

“Studying in UOS was one of the most rewarding experiences I ever had. The friendly environment in the Engineering College, the cooperative faculty members and the student services here are excellent. I have not only gained knowledge in engineering but also important skills for life, and I am proud to say that I’m a UOS Graduate!”
Zainab Mir Mazhar Ali
B.Sc. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Class of 2011


“For me, the department of computer and electrical engineering at UoS is my second home. It did more than offer me a first-class education; it offered me the space to grow as an individual, to try new things and to meet new and interesting people. It's a place where you're never far from a new opportunity or experience.”
Hanan Yousef
B.Sc. Computer Engineering


“Studying Computer Engineering in Sharjah University was a great chance to gain knowledge and meet professionals.  I learned how to design, plan, develop, test and work hard to reach my goals. Currently, I am completing my Master degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  I am glad that I chose UOS to enhance my future and I am really happy with the experience that I gained.”

Maha Alaa Eddin
Computer Engineering
Class of 2009