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Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Students Projects
Project Title
Fall 2017-2018
Intelligent Road System
IOT Controlled Autonomous Delivery Vehicle (ICAD Vehicle)
Wide Range Indoor Positioning System
Brain Controlled Wheelchair
Solar-Powered Surveillance Drone
Environmentally Friendly Garbage Collection Bin
Impedence Cardiography (ICG)
A Multi-Sensor Belt for Seizure Detection
IoT Based Irrigation System
Cascade Inverters Based AC Power Source Integrated with power Grid
Modular Multilevel Converter Based on Hybrid Energy Sources
Smart Portable Kidney Dialysis
Secure Home Safe
IoT Testbed
Painting Robot Connected to GPS
Smart Power Outage Detection
Assistant Tool for the Disabled using EEG Headset
Smart Incident Inspection Using Quad Copter
Intelligent Control System for Solar Powered LED Street Light in Sharjah
Silican Solar PV Customization using Laser Technology
Fall 2016-2017
Smart Energy Charging Device
Smart Blind Stick
Design and implementation of Smart Gloves for Deaf and Dumb People
Multi-Purpose Smart ID Card
Indoor Navigation Tool
Healthcare Robotics & Wearable System
Intelligent Humanoid Robots for Autism Rehabilitation
Tracking Vehicle
Predicating the Power System Demand Using Machine Learning Models
Faz'ah: Drone for the Rescue of People with Lost GSM Network Connection
Queuing Application
Portable Attendance System Using Smart Card
Vehicle Collision Avoidance
Drone Autopilot System
Skyscraper Cleaner Autonomous Robot
Control of a Mobile Robotic-Arm by Human Gestures
Control of Autonomous Mobile Robot
A Portable Impedance Analyzer System and Applications
Storing Robot
Energy Metering
Cleaning Robot
Smart wearable obstacle detection glasses for low-vision peiple
Restoring Function in Paralyzed Limbs Using EEG Signals
Solar AC Power Source
Electrical Power Distribution for a Residential/Commericial Building
Design of a solar-Powered water Filtration System