• Welcome to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Welcome to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Welcome to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


"I learned a lot from being a student at the Department of Civil and Environemntal Engineering at University of Sharjah. Many people, including my family, faculty and  colleagues, were major parts of my studying journey. 
Now, the second part of my life starts by working as a civil engineer. I have a strong confidence in making serious changes in my field which will help my community. 
Big thanks to my University and to the people who supported me."
Eng. Majd Aldin Bitar
Civil Engineer candidate  
Graduated on 2017-2018

"Every end has a new beginning. Today it might be the last day for some of us as a student of Civil Engineering school, but I believe our learning will actually start from today, every little encounters and experiences gained here at University of Sharjah has been enriching and will remain within my memories for life long. Finally, I want to thank once again our faculty and colleagues."
Eng. Mammon Derbas
Civil Engineer at Italdeco​
Graduated on 2015-2016

"The university years were the best 4 years in my life, the quality of the people I have met has helped to create a great study environment, I am grateful to have met all those amazing people from my friends who supported me all those days to my doctors who were sometimes ruthless and sometimes merciful but in the end we all agree that we have learned a lot from them."
Eng. Anas Shahin
Designer at VLM post-tension works
Graduated on 2015-2016

"I'm so proud that I graduated from the University of Sharjah, I understood how valuable is the college of Engineering after I started work in Dubai Government and all what we have been taught was very useful in my job.​"
Alawi Alsafi
Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Est.
Graduated on 2014-2015

"I would like to express my gratitude to my faculty for their continuous support. My Bachelor studies at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering was a nice experience to me. After graduation, I worked as a site engineer and now I'm working as a project manager. Because I love learning, I decided to do my master's degree at the same department. So, In September 2013 I joined the Master Program in Civil Engineering at University of Sharjah."
Walid Al Hadithi
Project Manager ​ Akad Construction Company
Graduated on 2014-2015

"I am honoured to graduate from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Sharjah. I hold a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering and a master degree in Engineering Management. I spent 6 years full of valuable knowledge and experience that enrich me in the scientific, practical, and personal levels. All that along with the continuous support and advice from the faculty and colleagues helped in gaining a distinguished position in the professional career."
Abdalla Mahmoud
Deputy Head of Design Section – Directorate of Housing
Graduated on 2014-2015

"I am grateful to earn my Bachelors and Masters degree from the Civil Engineering from UOS and then began my career as a traffic engineer. Throughout my work at the CEE department as a teaching assistant, I had the opportunity to teach and supervise students' projects and learn many things in which I believe that they contributed to the building of my personality and thinking."
Iyad Mufeed Sahnoon
Traffic Engineer 
Graduated on 2012-2015 

"I spent the most amazing four years of my educational journey at the University Of Sharjah studying Civil Engineering, I met some of the most incredible professors who never failed to share their experience and knowledge with us. I also met my dearest friends whose faces will be always carried in my memory. I graduated full of expectations and ambitious, ready to join the real Engineering World" 

Alaa Khodr Karroum
Junior Structural Engineer
Graduated on 2014-2015

"It was great experience to spend my undergraduate studies at the university of Sharjah and especially the Civil Engineering Department which has unique staff with high level abilities. For sure each period of our life has its own difficulties, nothing is perfect and we have to deal with that, and we have to gain experience from the study period instead of being upset"
Seror Hadi
Traffic Engineer – Crown Consult-Engineer and Project Managers
Graduated on 2014-2015

"The four years I spent studying civil engineering at the University of Sharjah were the most unforgettable years in my life. The excellence of the faculty and the strength of the courses content prepared me well to successfully continue my academic career at one of the Canadian’s leading research universities, which is consistently ranked among the top 40 in the world. Attending CEE was invaluable to me!"
Abdul Rahman Masoud
Research assistant at the University of British Columbia
Graduated on 2013-2014

“I really proud that I graduated from Civil Engineering Department in University of Sharjah. Many skills, which I really, depending-on in my career I have either acquired or significantly improved when I was student in UOS. I can simply say that the goals which I achieved so far due to the care I got in UOS environment. Many thanks for my professors and colleague who I spent the best period of my life"
Abdulkarim M. M. Ismail
Traffic Engineer / Transportation Modeler

Graduated on 2012-2013