Chair's Welcome
 would like to welcome you to the Nuclear Engineering Program. This is a new and exciting program that has recently been added to the College of Engineering at the UOS.

The Nuclear Engineering Program is a four-year study that provides you with a solid knowledge in nuclear engineering. The first segment of study is focused on acquiring skills that serve as the foundation for later courses.

In the second segment you will learn the fundamentals of nuclear engineering and gain knowledge in multiple related engineering topics including electronics, materials, and fluid mechanics.
In the third and final segment of study, you will take advanced courses in nuclear engineering, undergo an eight-week practical training, and complete senior design projects.
We are the only program in the UAE offering​ a B.Sc. degree in nuclear engineering. We are committed to producing competent and highly skilled engineers who are well prepared to work in the nuclear engineering field.
Once again, I would like to welcome you to the program and I congratulate you on your decision to join this new and prosperous program.
Dr. Iyad Al Qasir
Head of the Nuclear Engineering Department