Your thoughts regarding the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Sharjah?

The Mechanical Engineering Department is equipped with the best teaching and learning facilities and the students are always trained to become future engineers and pioneers in the Mechanical Engineering field. It has been a great honor to be a part of this outstanding department.
Dr. Syarif Junaidi - Associate Professor

The Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Sharjah is a truly international department focused on extending knowledge and skills beyond the level achieved even in well developed excellent departments. The Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Sharjah is a unique and thoroughly enjoyable educational opportunity. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to contribute to this outstanding educational establishment.
Dr. Mohammed Kamel - Assistant Professor

"Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the youngest yet fastest growing departments in the university. The progress made by the department is spectacular in context of the number of enrolled students and academic facilities used. The department has the best teaching and practical demonstration facilities in the university."
Eng. Saad Nazir - Lab Engineer

Talk about your experience in studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sharjah?

"I'm very happy with my overall experience throughout my study at the University of Sharjah. The university continuously provides the students with various opportunities to be more involved in educational, social and entertaining events and the educational curriculum is set according to the international ABET standards." 
Abdelrahman S. Amarneh - class of 2016

Why did you choose Mechanical Engineering?

"I have always been connected to remote control cars and planes from my childhood. It has become my hobby and I love to design cars. I want to learn about engines and designing new engines with good efficiency"
Mohamed D. Ahmed - class of 2016

"Mechanical engineering is a special major for me. It is not about science only, it is logic, science, and applied physics."
Mohamed T. El Kabra - class of 2017

"Because of the market and jobs offered. Since mechanical engineers can work in many different fields which means they have a good opportunity in obtaining a good job." Mohammed B. Refaat
Mohammed B. Refaat - class of 2017