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Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
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Students Projects

Spring 2018

Developing Bio-Diesel Fuel from Different Feedstocks for Diesel Engines.
Power Generation using cars speed breaker with Auto street light system
Vibration transmitted to the hand-arm system from power tools: effect of misuse.
Fabrication of nanofiber TiC/B reinforced Al Alloy
Powerless mechanical elevator.
Biodynamic response to horizontal whole-body vibration
Fabrication of Metal Carbide Layer CDI Electrodes to Enhance Water Desalination
Designing and Developing a Bio-Alcohol Fuel Production System.
Design of Perforated Piping System for a hydroponic garden
Development of Capacitive Deionization Unit Cell for Water Desalination.
Smart wheelchair
Design and implement an automatic doorstop that prevents injuries.
Developing Additives for the Bio-Diesel Fuel.

Fall 2017

Fire Fighting Mobile Robot
Convective Heat Transfer in a Pressure-Driven Gaseous Flow in  Micro-channels
Gear Box and Braking System for the Electric Vehicle
Effect of the feet separation, gender, and vibration magnitude on the force transmitted to the body and on the motion of the head under vibration
Electric Vehicle (Suspension and Steering Systems)
Corrosion behavior of Martensitic Stainless Steel