The Center of Excellence

One of the goals of the University of Sharjah is to create a Center of Excellence as an integral part of the University Dental Hospital Sharjah, which provides high quality dental care for fee-paying patients by using the most advanced technology delivered by highly qualifies clinicians. The dental care provided by the Center of Excellence is unique in that it is delivered by academics holding advanced clinical specialty training.

The Center of Excellence consists of four dental clinics equipped with the most advanced technologies integrated within the dental chair, such as an interactive, multi-media system to help patients understand the planned treatments and their alternatives.

The Center's composition of different specialties under one roof fosters the comprehensive and multidisciplinary care offered to patients, which in turn ensures the best care possible, even to complex dental and oro-facial problems.

In addition to the dental care provided in the Center's clinics, our specialists perform complex surgical procedures, or holistic dental care for uncooperative children under general anesthesia in the neighboring University Hospital Sharjah, when those procedures cannot be performed under local anesthesia. 

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