About UDHS

As the Assistant Director for Training, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the University Dental Hospital Sharjah (UDHS).


The Hospital was opened on September 1, 2011, and since then many things have changed over the years, and I’m sure much more will change to the better in the future. In addition to the teaching clinics for undergraduate dental students, UDHS also provides training programs for interns and residents, as well as a Center of Excellence where our highly qualified academics provide their expertise to the community.


UDHS strives to be recognized internationally as a contemporary, progressive, innovative and vibrant center for dental education and patients’ service. Our mission is to achieve distinction in dental education, research and oral health care to the benefit of our local community. UDHS continually works towards enhancing the learning experience of our students. We aim to ensure that all our students are able to succeed and bloom not only in their studies but also in their future dental careers.


Students’ education is achieved in many ways, through the interaction of dedicated, highly qualified academics and tutors, in state-of-the-art facilities, with up-to-date equipment and technology. UDHS offers a full range of general and specialty dental services to the Sharjah community, and we are proud of the high standard of care provided by our hospital. UDHS is very well connected with the alumni, the community and the profession, and we are proud of that.

Wael M. Talaat

Assistant Director for Training and Education