​The College of Dental Medicine will continue to strive towards national and regional prominence, and subsequently international prominence, by continually updating and aligning the undergraduate curriculum with the latest evidence-based practice, and by recruiting the best available faculty with a special emphasis to attract Emirati educators as role models and future leaders of the College.

A caring scholarly and research culture will be inculcated, nurtured and supported among students and faculty.  The College will strive to provide the UAE with critical and effective national leaders in the delivery of optimal dental health care services, in dental education for the future of the University, and in scholarly activity for the development of new knowledge for the benefit of the region and the world. The College will strive to teach life lessons during the five years of the dental education so that we mould good citizens, and on the way make them excellent dentists.​

​The mission of the College of Dental Medicine is to provide education to the dental students through the creation of a supportive scholarly environment that fosters excellence in the lifelong goals of continuing education, scholarly activity, and of caring, compassionate patient care.​
​The following objectives form the foundation of the curriculum:

•     develop a more flexible curriculum structure that can respond rapidly to, and reflect on, developments in the sciences and practice of dentistry

•     reduce formal contact hours for teaching and provide greater opportunities for self-directed, experiential learning throughout the course

•     facilitate greater opportunities for contextual learning. In the traditional model most of the basic and applied science material was presented in the early years. This material was often not reinforced later in the course where its relevance would have been appreciated more by students. A greater integration, balance and flow of material throughout the course is an important objective.

•     introduce problem‐based and team-based leaning throughout the course so that students (and later graduates) are able to better integrate learning material and apply their knowledge

•     make greater use of developments in computer‐aided instruction, audio‐visual material and laboratory‐based technique exercises

•     develop a course that students will find stimulating and enjoyable and one that engenders a desire to continue learning after graduation, i.e. to become life‐long learners.