Department Overview

The professional Diploma program in law offers students basic knowledge in the field, and introduces them to all areas related to law and justice. The student gains knowledge, experience, and practical applications. The program aims at preparing the student for the labor market in the UAE in particular and the Arab world in general. The Diploma degree in law that the college offers came as a response to the increasing demand for specialization in legal management, legal and penal procedures, civil rights, finance, construction, trade, and social security in addition to others.


This program aims at:​

1-Providing the student with basic knowledge in law and related areas

2- Training the student on dealing with various types of cases and solving problems; encouraging the student to think critically and excel

3-Supporting the labor market by graduating qualified professionals who will have an effective role in the country's program for economic development

4-Teaching the students team-work skills in order to help them reach high achievement in their work life, all in line with the values and the teachings of Islam as well as local traditions.