"Ever since I joined the department of law I have gained substantial knowledge related to my specialization and acquired a number of skills, including: communication skills in English and Arabic, information skills, self-development skills and teamwork. I address my thanks to the department of law and to Community College for having made it possible to me to reach this level of education. "

Student Mona Saeed Mohammed Salem

"I joined Community College last term and I studied many courses of law and communication skills in Arabic. This has enriched my knowledge and I benefited from these courses inside and even outside the college. Thanks to this college, my knowledge and acquaintances have largely expanded."

Student Hanifa Musa Ahmad

"I decided to join the professional diploma in law program at Community College because of the good reputation it has among employers who hire its graduates and benefit from the variety of programs it offers, including the professional diploma in law program."

Student Aisha Isa Qamar


"I joined the professional diploma in law program at Community College following an advice given to me by one of my friends who has graduated from this college. I think it is the institution that will give me the opportunity to develop my skills and expand my acquaintances to become a useful citizen in my beloved country the UAE."

Student Jamila Khamis Ibrahim