Resources & Facilities

The Department of Law at Community College makes effective use of the latest learning tools utilized in the most advanced countries of the world.To this end it has made available to its students a number of e-resources and law-related software that are now accessible in the advanced computer labs of the college. The department is also working on setting up an electronic link with the judicial authorities in the emirate of Sharjah and the Federal Ministry of Justice which will be on hand to the diploma students in the the five branches of the college.

The Department of Law plans to train students in these labs as part of the practical hours allocated to many of its courses in each semester.

Equipping the Simulation Court in a way that matches its counterparts in all colleges of law around the world as well as in the UAE: this court will be used for the purpose of conducting in-college training for students before joining the external training program in criminal and civil courts and will introduce them to the way trials are processed in different types of courts.