"Studying in Community college was a good experience. H. H doctor Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad AlQasemi has provided us a very good opportunity  to complete our graduation from one of the best universities in the emirates.

I also want to thank all of my doctors for giving us their best knowledge. Everything was perfect except one thing and that is instead of diploma I wish we can get higher diploma. In future I hope we can have one more opportunity by taking bachelors degree from university of sharjah. Finally I am feeling very glad and proud that I am it's student .

I wish after my graduation that I can get a best job as soon as possible.

                                  Thank you for everything....   "

Aisha Abdel Razzaq Abdel Rahim Asker Alnaqbi

"Was a very useful experience benefited me much in terms of information especially from the college Basic materials   for the future. Some people, when looking for a job will not find total in the area of specialization  at least he will have experience in terms of the fundamentals of computer and English language, especially if he passed ILETS., And I got to know many people. Terms of specialization were Courses Coordinator in terms of the times of lectures and practical work in the laboratory was organized learned a lot from him might benefit me in the future, after the completion of specialization there is volunteer work in hospitals for training and was a pleasant experience."

Noura yousif Alaqrah Adhori