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Department Overview
Information Technology has become a crucial component in all aspects of modern life. The IT Diploma, which is offered by Community College at the University of Sharjah, prepares graduates to join the workforce in the UAE and in the Eastern region as qualified IT professionals.

In order to obtain a Diploma in IT, students are required to complete 24 courses, that is, a total of 72 credit hours, forty-eight of which are devoted to the IT specialization. All courses, as shown in the below-detailed descriptions, include theory and practice. The student is required to complete a project at the end of his/her academic study. Each student is also required to spend 12 weeks of training in the last academic term. During this period, the student undertakes training in one of the public institutions, companies or state departments under the supervision of a field trainer and in coordination with an academic supervisor for each trainee. The training session aims at providing the student with the opportunity to apply what he/she has acquired and to become able to work under pressure while facing the challenges of the various work circumstances. In addition to the theoretical component, practical courses and training help to improve students' skills and abilities to deal effi​ciently with managers, supervisors, colleagues, and customers.
  • Provide students with a general understanding of the field of IT.
  • Prepare students to develop IT-based solutions.
  • Gain awareness of social and ethical issues related to the field of IT.
  • Promote information literacy and life-long learning.
  • Improve students’ ability to communicate and work cooperatively in teams.