Community College boasts in its alumni who affirm day after day pride of belonging to this college.

 The Alumini Aisha Al Hammadi, one of the special graduates who has studied libraries and information systems, which is a part of Information Technology department, reported this major, which represents the category of Information Sciences, has unique features that distinguish it from other sciences and other disciplines.  It is considered as a rare major in terms of introducing it in UAE.

 The the job market for the graduates is available and very diverse, such as information centers, libraries, archives and knowledge centers and learning resources. Who enrolled in this major found their aspirations and achieved himself/herself in the cognitive and cultural fields, social and even humantly through living in their experiments.

I was happy to study in this major, and I realized that my decision was the right. My hard work during the study period stemmed from the conviction that I perform an important role. This matter prepared me for a good career after graduating in the management of the library in University of Sharjah as a specialist in information science. Not only that but as a researcher for the labor market needs  which I think it is the major of the future.