Department Overview

Since its establishment in year 2000, the University of Sharjah Executive Master in Business Administration Program has long been recognized as a pioneer in the region, attracting high-caliber students with relevant executive experience. It is a life-shaping program designed to equip local and regional managers with vital business education, and essential leadership skills necessary to become effective, and socially responsible leaders in today’s highly, competitive business environment.


The need for such leaders with a global mindset, high-stakes decision making and social responsibility is greater now than ever before. For that reason, the University of Sharjah Executive Master in Business Administration enables its candidates to put the knowledge and skills gained throughout the program to practical use in strategically challenging situations, such as leading in times of uncertainty and in conditions of complexity.

The Executive MBA program has been designed to:

1.Deliver high quality management education to middle and upper level managers in the private and public sectors, with an express emphasis on the Gulf and UAE business environments.

2.Be as rewarding as it is rigorous, providing ample opportunity for personal development and professional growth in an interactive learning and teaching environment.

 In alignment with the Program’s slogan "Aim Higher", students positively engage themselves in the rich learning process. Our experienced faculty strive to offer applied learning techniques to help transfer of knowledge and skills from the lecture room to the real business world.

The program offers opportunities to develop networks of relationships that extend far beyond the lecture room, allowing participants to expand their personal and professional prospects. Most importantly, it opens up graduates to a wider access to the rich opportunities in their respective organizations for promotion and advancement in their careers.

We welcome you to join a program that integrates the needs of the real business world ensuring sustainable success for both the organization and society.