I majored in Business Administration, it was a rewarding experience. I spent in COBA the best time of my life. The atmosphere was friendly and the education level was really high.

Saideh Hassan Jafari 
Management Alumni  

My overall experience in the University was an amazing one. My course was Business Administration and my emphasis was in Marketing. The professors were very informative in their lectures and they always help when you are in need of one. The course was an interesting one and I found it to be very practical and needful especially in these days where almost everything depends on marketing strategies due to so many competing companies. The course teaches also you to become innovative and broadens ones imagination. The professors also made all these possible and their teaching strategies were interesting. For me, my college years were   the best and I wish I could turn back time and be a student once again.

Neveen Mouhtasseb
Marketing Alumni / Receptionist and Administration Support, Raytheon Company

University Of Sharjah is one of the best universities in the UAE .My College Experience has been great so far, Am Majoring in Marketing and my minor is accounting. Marketing appeals to me it's agreeably the most important department of any Business, and the most interesting course in Business.
 I would like to take the opportunity to THANK our excellent faculty members, I really Love how they get to know everyone personally and offer their help for everyone studying at the College. COBA has polished my knowledge, skills and ability to face all the challenges in the market. I'm very proud to say that I am a part of COBA

Noor Abugharbieh
Senior Student / Marketing ​​

For me College of Business is a path that I chose to support me in the future because it's not less important than any other college , I major in marketing and I can tell you that it's something I love , I actually enjoy the lectures of all these courses. In my opinion, you should always study what you love and have passion for because at the end, all the fields are interrelated and they are all needed.

Fares Moahimed 
Senior Students / Marketing