Graduate Career Opportunities
In pursuing the Business Administration degree program, students will learn how to work in a variety of business, government and non-profit organizations. The program prepares students for a variety of career choices. Upon completion, the Business Administration graduate will be well-equipped to seek and gain employment in a variety of fields, which include business management, marketing, sales, quality management, customer service, event management, management consulting, human resource management and international business.

1.  Public Administration graduates typically occupy positions that allow them to interact with and help the public. If you are interested in a challenging and rewarding career that allows you to work with people, Public Administration is a great choice! 

2.  In the UAE federal government ministries, federal national council, departments, agencies, autonomous bodies and public enterprises can provide jobs for new graduates. 

3.  At the local government level departments, agencies and municipalities can provide jobs to new graduates.

4.  In recent years, there has also been a steady growth of non-profit organizations. 

5. They are also important sources of jobs. 

Public Administration graduates can go on to the positions in the following fields: government, public budgeting, human resources management, community development, environmental management, educational administration, tourism, recreational services, client relations management, health service administration, public information management, and public relations management.