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Graduate Career Opportunities

In pursuing the Business Administration degree program, students will learn how to work in a variety of business, government and non-profit organizations. The program prepares students for a variety of career choices. Upon completion, the Business Administration graduate will be well-equipped to seek and gain employment in a variety of fields, which include for example

-          Business management

-          Marketing

-          Sales

-          Quality management

-          Customer service

-          Event management

-          Management consulting

-          Human resource management

-           International business.

-          Public Relations Manager

-          Market Research Analyst

-          Advertising Manage

-          Brand Manager

-          Media Buyer

-          Meeting, Convention and Event Planners

-          Chief Marketing Officer

-          Promotions Manager

-          Consulting

-          Entrepreneurship

-          General Management

-          Non-Profit

-          Operations Management

-          Strategic Planning

Public Administration graduates can go on to the positions in the following fields: government, public budgeting, human resources management, community development, environmental management, educational administration, tourism, recreational services, client relations management, health service administration, public information management, and public relations management.