• Welcome to College of Business Administration

  • Welcome to College of Business Administration

Center for Entrepreneurship
The University of Sharjah Center for Entrepreneurship aims to become a world-class resource center for aspiring and successful entrepreneurs of the future.
The center is committed to provide participants and organizations with leading-edge, innovative, and entrepreneurial thinking necessary for the establishment and fostering of successful business ideas. The center seeks to be a place promoting the entrepreneurial spirit and the culture of innovation by offering Education and Training, Research on Entrepreneurship & Small Business, in addition to the Small Business Consulting Bureau. 
The following are the goals and objectives of the center:
  • Promote start-up business for potential entrepreneurs
  • Support high-skilled graduates to start up their business
  • Provide a link to local community
  • Strengthen the bond between academia, government, and the industry 


  • Conduct research in the field of entrepreneurship
  • Encourage graduates to consider self-employment as career choice
  • Disseminating information about entrepreneurial projects in the UAE
  • Offering training opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs  ​