​To be the Department of Management Information Systems of choice in the region for aspiring students, professionals, and scholars for its commitment to learning and scholarship.
​​The department’s mission is to prepare students for professional and careers in the business world by focusing on practical applications of information technology to business processes. It aims also to conduct research to serve the rapidly changing information technology needs of the region.
The objectives of the Department of Management Information System:
The objectives (goals) of the department are to graduate professionals who are well prepared to start a successful career in IT. The program integrates skills acquired in a diverse set of courses to produce graduates who are able to: 
  1. Contribute to society and act as a focus and source of IT expertise for local industry. 
  2. Identify, formulate, and solve business-IT problems related to their field by applying the knowledge gained from their college experience. 
  3. Design software systems to meet desired specifications. 
  4. Function in multidisciplinary teams and communicate efficiently. 
  5. Understand the impact of business solutions on societies.
  6. Recognize the need for continual education.