The Bachelor of Science program in Management Information Systems

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science program in Management Information Systems program requires that a student complete 123 credits of course work and attain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00. The program consists of the categories sum- marized below.

BS in Management Information Systems (123 Credits)
Mandatory Core Courses12482181
Electives Core Courses126927
Minor Courses--1515


I. University Requirements

These are the courses that must be taken by all students at the University, regardless of their major. Descriptions are presented in the introductory pages of the College of Business Administration section in this Bulletin.


II. College Requirements

Every student in the College of Business Administration – irrespective of specialization – is required to complete 54 credit of General Business courses 48 credit hours are mandatory core courses and 6 credits elective core courses. These courses consist of foundation and skill courses required of all business students. Descriptions are presented in the introductory pages of the College of Business Administration section in this bulletin.


III. Program Requirements

The Department of Management Information Systems requires students to take 30 credit hours in the specialization and

15 credit hours from an approved minor. The specialization courses are divided into 21 credits on mandatory courses and 9 credits of elective courses listed below.


A. Mandatory Courses

The following tables lists the mandatory core courses.


Course #                                            Course Title                        CrHrs               Prerequisite

0303210     Business Programming I                                                3                      0303130

0303240     Database Management                                                 3                      0303130

0303335     Systems Analysis and Design                                         3                      0303240

0303370     Project Management                                                     3                      0303240

0303350     Business Data Telecommunications and Networks          3                      0303210

0303450     Information Security                                                      3                      0303350

0303495     Project in MIS                                                                                        0303335*

* Departmental approval is also required


B. Electives Courses

Each student must successfully complete 9 credit hours (three courses) from the following list of elective courses.

Course #Course TitleCrHrsPrerequisites
0303310Business Programming II30303210
0303390Internship in MIS3Note 1
0303420Web Business Applications Development30303240
0303441Enterprise Systems30303335
0303436Decision Support Systems30303240
0303490Special Topics in MIS30303240*

Note 1: Students should have (42) credit hours left to graduate and departmental approval

*Departmental approval is also required


Study Plan

The Management Information Systems program encompasses 123 credits hours that are spread over eight semesters and could be completed in four years. The following study plan serves as a roadmap for a smooth progression toward graduation.


Year 1, Level I (Freshman), Semester 1 (15 Credits)
Course #TitleCrHrsPrerequisites
 University Requirements3 
0301120Accounting (1): Financial Accounting3 
0302160Principles of Management3 
 University Requirements3 
1440162Business Mathematics31440100


Year 1, Level I (Freshman),Semester 2 (15 Credits)
Course #TitleCrHrsPrerequisites
 University Requirements3 
0301230Financial Management30301120
0301211Accounting II - Managerial Accounting30301120
0302170Principles of Marketing3 
0303130Intro. to MIS3 


Year 2, Level II (Sophomore), Semester 3 (15 Credits)
Course #TitleCrHrsPrerequisites
0303210Business Programming I30303130
0301151Principles of Microeconomics3 
 University Requirements3 
 University Requirements3 
 College Elective3 
1440264Business Statistics 1440162


Year 2, Level II (Sophomore), Semester 4 (15 Credits)
Course #TitleCrHrsPrerequisites
 University Requirements3 
0301252Prin. of Macroeconomics30301151
0302254Business Communication30202112
0302250Legal Environment of Business30302160
 College Elective3 


Year 3, Level III (Junior), Semester 5 (15 Credits)
Course #TitleCrHrsPrerequisites
0303350Bus. Data Telecom. and Network30303210
0303240Database Management30303130
 MIS Elective3 
0302361Operations and Supply Chain Man.31440264


Year 3, Level III (Junior), Semester 6 (15 Credits)
Course #TitleCrHrsPrerequisites
0303335Systems Analysis and Design30303240
0303370Project Management30303240
0302350Ethics and Islamic Values in Business30302250
 University Requirements3 


Year 4, Level IV (Senior), Semester 7 (15 Credits)
Course #TitleCrHrsPrerequisites
 University Requirements3 
0303450Information Security30303350
 MIS Elective3 


Year 4, Level IV (Senior), Semester 8 (12 Credits)

Course #    Title                                                                 CrHrs             Prerequisites

0303495     Project in MIS                                                      3

0302467     Strategic Management                                        3                   senior level

MIS Elective                                                                           3

0302461     Research Methods                                               3                      1440264


Course Description

Courses offered by the Department of Management, Marketing and Public Administration are assigned numbers of the form 0303ABC where ABC represent the year, area of specialization and course number in a sequence.


College Mandatory Core Course

0303130Introduction to MIS(3-0:3)
This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of information systems and to the strategic opportunities and challenges presented by these technologies. The course is based on the belief that business opportunities and chal- lenges are best addressed through a fundamental understanding of management and technological concepts. Topics include databases, data communications and networking, local area networking and wireless local area networking technologies, Internet technologies, enterprise systems and IT security. While there is some introduction to technical details, the real impact of this class is gained by understanding the impact of technology on how business is done. Prerequisite(s): None.


A. College Elective Core Course


The course will provide an introduction to the basics of electronic business and includes project planning, as well as marketing, customer service and business plan development. The course focuses on how business is carried out, including marketing, web design, and electronic retailing, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this form of commerce, the infrastructures in place to support this type of electronic business, and the global economy within which it takes place. Prerequisite(s): 0303130. Equivalent to: 0303220


B. MIS Mandatory Core Courses


0303210Business Programming I(2-2:3)
This course introduces students to fundamental programming and basic file processing concepts as applied to business applications. Topics include problem analysis and algorithm design, programming basic statements (itera- tion, selection and repetition), simple data structures, data validation, functions and subroutines, arrays, and file processing. A visual programming language is used to create graphical user interfaces for business applications. Prerequisite(s): 0303130. Equivalent to: 0303102.


0303240Database Management(3-0:3)

This course provides students with the theoretical foundation and technical skills required to implement a database solution on a relational database management system using Microsoft Access and Oracle. Topics include Database system architecture; data modeling using the entity-relationship model; storage of databases; SQL query language; basic functional dependencies and normalization for relational database design; relation decomposition. Finally, stu- dents will learn how to build, evaluate and test a database application. Prerequisite(s): 0303130. Equivalent to:



0303335Systems Analysis and Design(3-0:3)
This course addresses the multi-phased process for developing information systems. The course covers information systems analysis, design, and development in organizations. The course concentrates on methods, techniques, and tools used to determine information requirements, create software design specifications, and to document these requirements and specifications using the Unified Process (UP) methodology. Prerequisite(s): 0303240. Equivalent to: 0303332.


0303370Project Management(3-0:3)
This course covers the issues necessary for successful management of information systems projects. Technical and behavioral aspects of project management are discussed. Major topics include: Managing the project adoption issues such as selection and approval of projects, cost/benefit analysis and requirements analysis; Planning for sys- tems development and estimation; Scheduling and implementation issues such as project organization, implementa- tion, and control. Prerequisite(s): 0303240




0303350Business Data Telecommunication and Networks(3-0:3)
This course provides the student with an understanding of the concepts and methods associated with telecommuni- cations and distributed information systems. Concepts discussed address topics related to the fundamentals of data communications, which include but are not limited to network architectures, communication protocols, transmission standards and media access control methods. Students learn how to make policy, design, and installation deci- sions related to planning and implementing data communication and computer network applications. This prepares students on how make intelligent and informed decisions about how to efficiently and cost effectively transfer voice, data, image and video between locations, and how to assess the benefits, drawbacks, effects, tradeoffs, and the compromises related to various data communication technologies. The content of the course will be practical and will be delivered in the lab. Prerequisite(s): 0303210. Equivalent to: 0303330.


0303450Information Security(3-0:3)
This course provides a broad overview of the entire field of information security, background on many related ele- ments, and enough detail to facilitate understanding of the field.  The student is provided with the knowledge and expertise needed to understand both security management and the technical components of security. Topics include assessing the threats to the security of information systems, the responsibilities and basic tools for information se- curity, an introduction to confidentiality, integrity, and availability, authentication models, protection models, intrusion detection and response, operational security issues, physical security issues, personnel security, policy formation and enforcement, access controls, information flow, legal and social issues, identification and authentication in local and distributed systems, and risk assessment. Prerequisite(s): 0303350. Equivalent to: 0303431.


0303495Project in MIS(3-0:3)
This course involves a significant implementation of a business application going through the complete life-cycle of SW development and using new and advanced packages/tools. The project is to be undertaken individually or in small groups to emphasize the importance of team work and management. Prerequisite(s): 0303335 and Dept. Ap- proval (3rd or 4th year standing)


Program Elective Courses


0303310 Business Programming II                                                                                                        (3-0:3)

This is a second course in business programming. Topics include: introduction to object oriented programming para- digm, objects and classes, data abstraction and encapsulation, inheritance; polymorphism, and exception handling. Additional topics include ActiveX Controls, graphics, and mouse events. Optional topics may include dynamic data exchange (DDE) and/or object linking and embedding (OLE). A visual programming language is used to create rich graphical user interfaces for business applications. Prerequisite(s): 0303210. Equivalent to: 0303337.


0303390 Internship in MIS                                                                                                                      0-3:3)

This course involves the application of quantitative and systems skills developed in the academic environment to problems in a real-world operating environment. The participant will receive practical training and experience under the guidance of the staff of a local business or government organization and a faculty supervisor. Each student must complete a minimum of 6 weeks period of training during the regular working hours of the firm. This course can be taken in summer during the student's junior or senior year. Prerequisite(s): Students should have (42) credit hours left to graduate and departmental approval. Equivalent to: 0303435.


0303420 Web Business Applications Development                                                                            (3-0:3)

This course will familiarize students with ways to create advanced Internet applications using server-side program- ming and database-driven websites. Topics include using Visual Studio .net IDE to create a client-side HTML and JavaScript code, configuring a web server, using ASP.NET and VB.NET to create web applications projects, retrieve and display database data in web forms; and to create and test an integrated web application. Prerequisite(s):

0303240. Equivalent to: 0303439.

0303441Enterprise Systems(3-0:3)
The course provides coverage of the understanding, implementation and deployment of enterprise systems. Stu- dents will learn the scope of enterprise systems and corporate motivation of them. Students will appreciate the challenge associated with implementing such large-systems and the dramatic impact these systems have on key business process.  Prerequisite(s): 0303335, Equivalent to: 0303433


0303436Decision Support Systems(3-0:3)
This course gives a comprehensive coverage of the fundamental concepts, principles, and theories of managerial decision making and supporting technologies. It emphasizes teaching students the methods and skills of analyzing, modeling, and solving managerial problems using available computer software support, as well as analyzing, design- ing, and building decision support systems. Prerequisite(s): 0303240.


0303490Special Topics in MIS(3-0:3)

This course will be offered to cover special advanced topics in one of the areas of MIS. The contents of this course

will vary depending on the topic. Prerequisite(s): 0303240 and Departmental Approval (3rd or 4th year standing)


MIS Minor

A minor in MIS provides undergraduate students outside the department but from the College of Business Administra- tion with the opportunity to specify, select, utilize, and apply information technology (IT) to their major field of study. The minor provides the skills and terminology needed to become an excellent user of IT in the business world. The minor in MIS aims at positioning its students for jobs in business application areas, consulting positions, technical liaisons, and selling and acquisition of business software.


Why a Minor in MIS?

Business students will benefit from a minor in MIS, particularly majors in marketing, finance, accounting, public administration, business management, and economics. It will help them to:

•   Improve their marketability

•   Identify, select and evaluate technology solutions for business problems

•   Liaise with application developers and technology vendors

•   Be one of the people in the organization who can successfully interact and work with technology professionals


Students taking MIS minor should successfully complete 3 core courses (shown on the following table) and another 2 elective courses from the 3rd or 4th level 3-credit MIS courses.


Course #TitleCrHrsPrerequisites
0303210Business programming I30303130
0303240Database Management30303130
0303335Systems Analysis and Design30303240
0303436Decision Support Systems30303335
0303310Business Programming II30303210
0303420Web Business Applications Development30303240
0303441Enterprise Systems30303335