It is an honor to be part of the Business Administration College. It provided me with a better understanding of Business and the world as a whole. I would like to thank everybody who taught me in my journey in this university, and I am pleased to say that it will always have a special place in my heart. I would encourage new students to choose a major in Finance since it's an important field in the Business world.

Mostafa Allababidi 

Fresh​ Graduate / Finance

Date: Spring 2015


I have a high education level and good relationship with all the Faculty members. The projects, presentations and reports I'm doing in the College prepare me well to start my career in few months and help me a lot in believing in myself.
I encourage new students to register and enroll in the Finance major at the College of Business. 


Ammer Jaouni

Senior / Finance

Date: 2015​

Being a Finance Alumni from College of Business Administration was my first professional step in my career life. Having an experience in the Business College has sharpened my skills and enhanced my knowledge in Business field generally, and improved my understanding to the Financial Market specifically. Moreover, it was a very important part of my life as it prepared me mentally and physically to start my career as a Broker at ADIB Securities."


Mohammed Shakir

Finance Alumni / Broker at ADIB Securities

Date: 2014


My experience in College Of Business not only established a foundation for developing an academic career, but also taught me to consider a deeper understanding of markets.  As In the business world, everyone paid in two coins: experience & cash. Take the experience first; the cash will come later. That's what made me choose Finance specifically as a major and MIS as minor, for the love of competition and practice.


Samira Fayad 

Senior Student / Finance 

Date: 2015​


"The BSc Finance program was a transformative experience and has helped me shape my professional goals and pursue my interests in the long-run. The most valuable takeaway from the experience by far, is the Alumni of 2015- life-long friendships and a support network. I'm obliged to thank the faculty and staff who have consistently strived for making COBA a better learning place."


Muhammad Umair Sabir


Fresh Graduate – Spring 2015

As being a student of such a wonderful university and environment, and more specifically getting to be a part of the college of business administration, has given me the opportunity to see inside myself, motivated me to follow my dreams, taught me the responsibility, developed in me such different valuable skills, and also gave me the opportunity to be on the honor's list of such a prestigious university which indeed opened up several other new career paths and ambitions, and hence giving me the respect that I deserve.


Cum Laude 

Mohammed Hussain Abdulla AlAwadhi

Major: Finance

Fresh Graduate – Spring 2015


"A diverse, welcoming and comfortable environment - COBA has become my second home and my first step on the ladder to success. In my four years of study, I learnt and immersed myself in new experiences and activities, meeting interesting people and cultures, and creating life-long friendships. Thanks to the faculty, I've had the privilege to learn and enhance innumerable intangible skills like leadership, team collaboration, thinking forward, thinking in opportunities and facing challenges. In short, COBA is my platform from which to serve the world both practically and intellectually."


Manzoor Ahmed Khan


Fresh Graduate – Spring 2015