"I'm a graduate of Fall 2016-2017 from my second home – University of Sharjah. I still remember how confused I was when graduated from high school and not yet decided which bachelor degree to study. After receiving many recommendations about the bright future of business administration degree holders; I finally decided to go for it! And would never ever regret for that decision! This is because of the amazing professors that taught me in those 4 years, and to the great combination that I chose for my major and minor, Accounting and Management Information System MIS. I highly recommend every passionate student in computing and numerical studies rather than theoretical studies to take this advice without hesitation. Good luck to everyone!"


Haya Ahmad Zaiter

Fall 2016-2017

Highest Honor 

​During your college years, you will be faced with many important decisions on your career choice. Two critical questions you will have to answer will be: Which college major will you choose? And which career path will you pursue? Majoring in accounting was one of the greatest decisions that I have taken since accounting has always been considered as the language and basic tool of business. It made it easier for me to decide the path that I want to take in the future and to enhance my skills.
Haneen A. Abueida  
Senior Student / Accouting

I'm an Accounting student at the College of Business Administration in University of Sharjah since 2011. I can't believe how time has passed and how I'm close to graduate. I have spent in this place much more time than I did at home not only because of studying, but because of the activities I have done here. I can tell how helpful all the Faculty are, how grateful I am after they help me to be more self-confident and get ready to face the new Business world with my knowledge. I now know well what Business is, I know that am an Accountant. Yes everyone may think anywhere you can learn anything, but in my College I got the chance to be an Accountant that is surely more certified than any other because of the great education and atmosphere the university is sure to let the students in.

​Jehad Fares
Expected Graduated / Accounting

I spent three years studying at the College of Business Administration and it will be an unforgettable period of my life. While studying in the college, I grew up as an individual learning to interact and talk to people from different cultures and background. I learnt a lot from my professors and I gained knowledge and experience during my journey that would help me in my future career.

​Ahmed Foudeh
Senior Student / Accounting
After the four years I have spent in this place, I can say that it's a place to be missed. Through those years, I got the chance to learn from amazing helpful professors, I dealt with very kind and welcoming administrators, I met a lot of students from different nationalities, I participated in several competitions and workshops and I did many useful and fun activities, all of that have shaped my personality and improved my skills.


Top Honored Student

Hussam Ibrahim Al-Emadi

Major: Accounting

Fresh Graduate – Spring 2015