The College of Business Administration is led by the College Dean, who is responsible for the College to higher administration. He also represents the College in all relevant committees. The effective management and decision making in the College is achieved through a hierarchy that extends from Department committees to the College Council chaired by the Dean. The College Council also includes the Assistant Dean, Department chairs and Department representatives. The College Council serves as the ultimate forum at the College level in which issues are discussed and decisions are made. Further, and in addition to the Assistant Dean, a number of College Committees chaired by senior faculty members assist the Dean in matters related to curriculum and accreditation, research and graduate studies, faculty selection and promotions, and student affairs.


To be among the leading business schools in the region known for excellence in teaching, case research and community engagement.


The mission of the CBA is to serve the Sharjah Community, the UAE and the region by preparing students to be ethical professionals and leaders in their community, by discovering, disseminating and preserving knowledge; by promoting a spirit of free and open intellectual inquiry throughout the College community and by engaging in partnership with community organizations in order to address the social and economic challenges of the Sharjah and UAE community and around the region. 

The College is committed to:

  1. Produce competent graduates with academic excellence and entrepreneurial skills
  2. Recruit and retain high quality faculty
  3. Improve the teaching and learning environment
  4. Improve research productivity of the College
  5. Ensure that College research is in the service of the community
  6. Improve student satisfaction with College processes and programs
  7. Increase relationship and cooperation with the community and make the program relevant to the business community
  8. Develop cooperation and solicit feedback with the alumni
  9. Develop spirit of cooperation and awareness with high schools.