Chair's Welcome

The Department of History and Islamic Culture aims at developing the University of Sharjah's philosophy of a comprehensive program that brings together tradition and modernity. We aim at giving our students historical knowledge which would foster their sense of patriotism and belonging to their country and their community. We help them recollect the accomplishments made in the past and to use these as an incentive for a bright future, while keeping up with the requirements of the twentieth century.

Our students acquire deep awareness of what is going on in the world in the light of essential past events which are of the key that help explain and justify changes and developments.  Our students live in a world with an immensity of knowledge in all sectors, made available to them by modern technologies and communication tools.  This contemporary cognitive dimension paved the way to a new curriculum which fosters holistic analysis and reasoning, and the adoption of documentation and its various components.


The Department of History and Islamic Culture has a scientific and social mission. It offers students elective and compulsory courses which help them understand their past and their present. Some of these courses are Islamic History, the Islamic History of Science, the Islamic Civilization, and the History of the Arab Gulf. Courses in Islamic Culture and Cities are also taught in the English language (as of Fall 2014) in an attempt to familiarize non-Arabic speakers with the great contributions of the Islamic Civilization in which we take great pride.

The Department also succeeded in developing programs which would match the current needs of the community and the labor market. One example is the History and Tourism program which meets the needs of the tourism sector, a major factor in the United Arab Emirates economy. The Department of History and Islamic Culture is also developing the History of Art and Museums program which will be taught in English.

The Department of History and Islamic Culture offers a Master's Program in which students conduct scientific research in history and Islamic civilization. The program follows modern teaching and learning techniques; research studies conducted by the students are added to the History Library. In fall 2015, the Department of History and Islamic Culture also launched a doctoral program in Comparative History.

Department of History and Islamic Culture faculty are renowned professors in history, civilizations, and tourism. The University of Sharjah guarantees the best teaching and learning practices by providing students with all needed modern facilities, and also by encouraging faculty members to conduct scientific research and participate in local, regional and international conferences.

The Department of History and Islamic Culture participates in conferences, seminars, as well as Radio and TV shows in an attempt to serve the community and to maintain a connection between the university and society in general.

The future of the Department of History and Islamic Culture is very promising, surely with the support of His Highness, Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al-Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah, and President of the University of Sharjah.

In God's Bliss,

Dr. Nadjib Benkheira
Chair of History and Islamic Civilization Department