Department Overview
​In ​being committed to the overall objectives of the University of Sharjah, the Department of English Language and Literature has mapped out for itself a set of humanistic and pedagogically sound academic objectives that answer to the needs of the student choosing to major in English Language and Literature. These objectives challenge the student on three fronts at once, namely, language, literature and linguistics, all three of which are the basic components of the BA Degree. They come together to offer the student a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the English language, its history and literature. The Department also aims to acquaint students with major patterns in Western literature, with particular emphasis on English, thereby refining their aesthetic sense and widening their intellectual horizons.

The objectives of the Department of English can be summed up in the following:

  • To raise the students’ competency level in the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. This is achieved through the specific language courses required of every student during the first two years of study. By the end of the second year, a student should also be able to use sophisticated research techniques. 
  • To give the student firm grounding in the English literary canon and hone his/her critical and aesthetic abilities, enabling him/her to conduct serious research in this area. During the second year of study, the student is introduced to literary concepts and terms as well as to the different   genres. More advanced courses covering the major movements and periods are offered in the third and fourth years.
  • To increase the student’s understanding and appreciation of the literary,   rhetorical and pragmatic uses of language. 
  • To familiarize the student with the major theories and trends in linguistics, and the applications of linguistic principles and findings to such areas as language learning and teaching, inter-language studies, contrastive analysis, etc. 
  • To create in the students an awareness of the principles and techniques of translation, and give them practical training in the translation of a variety of text categories.