Department Overview


The Department of Arabic Language and Literature aims to promote the Arabic language to the standards it deserves among the other languages of the world, and to grant Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral Degrees to Arabic Language specialists whose skills and expertiese will meet the needs of the Emirati community in particular and the Arab, and international community in general. The department offers students high standards of education and knowledge in order to strengthen their thinking  and constructive criticism skills.   The Department is in the process of developing a new Bachelor program in Arabic Language and Applied Media, and to establish the Center of Arabic Language for Non-Speakers.


The Arabic Language program works towards deepening loyalty towards the Arabic Language, the language of the Holy Quran and the authentic Arab heritage. Our graduates are fluent in Arabic language reading, writing, speaking and listening; they pride themselves in their Arab and Islamic identity and they are capable of facing the challenges of our present time. They have a strong sense of belonging to their community and they are highly qualified to serve this community, which is among the primary objectives of the university, the college, and the department.


  1. Offering students linguistic, syntactic and morphological knowledge, and the means to understand and apply this knowledge in practical ways, while improving their basic Arabic language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) in order to be able to accomplish their professional and personal goals
  2. Enabling students to think, critique, and analyze correctly while developing their creative linguistic and literary skills and strengthening their belief in the Arab legacy
  3. Providing students with  sound  knowledge pertaining to rhetorical, literary, and critical Arabic language skills, while improving their composition and editing skills; strengthening students' modern research skills and instilling in them a deep love for knowledge
  4. Enhancing  students' abilities to interact with modern linguistic and literary theories, while enabling them to understand the relationships between different elements of the Arabic language
  5. Deepening students' sense of belonging to their religion and their land through strengthening their pride in the Arabic language and through making them understand the importance of protecting this language; highlighting the importance of adhering to work ethics and commitment to teamwork and community service