Chair's Welcome

The Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the College of Arts, Humanities and Social sciences has been keen since the foundation of University of Sharjah in 1997 on offering a host of academic programmes and courses at various levels to foster students' linguistic, literary, critical and rhetorical skills. The Bachelor of Arts ( BA ) in Arabic Language and Literature programme, for example, is aimed at graduating groups of qualified specialists who can be employed in teaching, language consultation and other various fields of Arabic sciences in the Emirate of Sharjah and the country at large. 

The Department has also initiated an M.A. programme since 2002-2003 which aims at promoting well-established scientific traditions of study and research and at creating an academic   atmosphere that enhances creativity among teachers and their students. This programme has attracted students from the different emirates of the country and offered them opportunities to complete distinguished theses in the various fields of Arabic studies. Additionally, the Department is going to start a Ph.D. programme for M.A. holders, and an Arabic- communication programme in cooperation with the College of Communication at the University. 

The Department, represented by its faculty members, has an important role to play in community service through public lectures, symposia, cultural seminars and language consultations throughout the Emirate of Sharjah, in particular, and the country in general. 


Prof. Mahdi Arar

Head of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature