University of Sharjah was inaugurated in 1997. We were among the first students to enroll and graduate. We were there not only to acquire an academic degree but also to leave an imprint and to accomplish our goal to serve our language and our community.

Academic  research has become an essential part of the academic curriculum. Students hold discussion sessions in their classes with their experienced professors who have a significant history in teaching and publishing in the field. This type of curriculum has paved the way for major scientific breakthroughs that contributed to rich vertical and horizontal types of Arabic language knowledge, both deep and comprehensive.
Our professors are poets, journalists, and more. They work within their specializations.

Aida Ibrahim Al-Ma’ini
Class of 2001
Former Arabic Language Instructor – University of Sharjah

Based on my experience as a graduate student in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at University of Sharjah, I would like to extend my deepest feelings of appreciation for the Department and its faculty members. They have always provided students with all the help and knowledge required for a Master’s Degree, with all the necessary advising, guidance and follow up during research.

Hind Ahmad Mohammad Al-Saadi
Master’s Student- First batch- Class of 2008

The Places that stick in our memory are the most precious. Being a student in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at  the University of Sharjah was a special time in my life. It was the window through which I saw the light. It gave me enthusiasm and curiosity towards our interesting Arabic language. From my professors, I took the facts and the secrets of the immortality of our beautiful Arabic language.

Bushra Abdullah
Head of the Department of Evaluation- Curriculum Management
Ministry of Education

The Department of Arabic Language and Literature was our home for theoretical and practical knowledge. I was among the very first students who graduated from the Department. I met experienced faculty with different Arabic language specializations. I felt lucky and proud to have been granted this educational opportunity. His Highness, Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi established this university to give our community the opportunity to study about our language. In this department, I understood how rewarding getting an education is. I knew how dignified and special it is to study the Arabic Language. I learned from my professors the best teaching and learning methods. I learned about the Arabic language treasures that were given to us by ancient scholars. I learned the importance of using the correct Arabic language in teaching and learning, and the importance of scientific research and teaching curricula. Our undergraduate education prepared us for our Master’s degrees.  The least I can do is thank the faculty in this department and wish them the best.

Dr. Mariam Said Belajeed

I spent several years of my life in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the University of Sharjah. I did my BA and my MA there. I met the best Arabic language professors in the world. The environment was very encouraging and motivating. We did so much as members of the Arabic Language Students Society and spent a lot of time in the auditorium reciting a play, attending a seminar, or engaging in an activity.  This department means a lot to me. When I think of it, I think of so many beautiful memories for me and for my classmates who are now scattered all over the Arab world, applying the precious education we received in this beacon of knowledge. 

Hajar Al-Kubaisi

I would like to extend my appreciation to the faculty members at Department of Arabic Language and Literature. They did a great effort with us and facilitated our educational journey on all levels, especially for Master’s students. My message is one of deep gratitude for their generosity of heart. I extend special thanks to Dr. Mariam Belajeed and Dr. Mahmoud Yaqout for everything they did for us.

Hind Hamad Rashed Bin Merkhan Al-Ketbi
Arabic Language Teacher
Master’s Degree in Arabic Language