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Master of Arts in Arabic Language and Literature

College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences
Department of Arabic Language and Literature
Commenced Year
Sharjah Main Campus
Study System
Thesis and Courses
Total Credit Hours
33 Cr.Hrs
Total 94.380 AED
2-4 Years
Fall & Spring
Study Mode
Full Time and Part Time

Master of Arts in Arabic Language and Literature

The Department of Arabic Language and Literature was established in the academic year 1997-1998, coinciding with the establishment of the University of Sharjah. The department has graduated a good number of students in the bachelor's degree program since then. The M.A program was also launched in 2001, which attracted a good number of students, some of whom completed the requirements of the M.A degree in Arabic Language and Literature.
The Department of Arabic Language and Literature has witnessed a remarkable development in the number of students applying for the program as the M.A program is responding to the development requirements in the UAE. It also fulfills the desire of the University of Sharjah to meet the growing needs of the local and regional community in graduating specialized researchers of Arabic Language and Literature.

Program Objectives
1. Providing the M.A student with a broad and profound scientific base of knowledge, concepts, and grammatical, literary, critical and rhetorical skills of Arabic Language.
2. Enabling students to keep up with modern knowledge, curricula and theories in the fields of language and literature, while enhancing their confidence in heritage studies.
3. Qualifying students to write scientific research in language and literature based on the methodological criteria used in writing research.
4. Enhancing the student's ability to solve problems and improving critical thinking to develop his skills in the fields of education and scientific research.
5. Developing the spirit of belonging to religion, homeland and nation, and help the student to develop virtuous values of self-reliance and teamwork.

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Special Admission Requirements
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