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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
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College Overview

  • Promoting national identity and consolidating the awareness of Arab and Islamic culture
  • Offering applied knowledge according to international standards in the field of arts, humanities and social sciences to meet the needs of the local community
  • Seeking excellence in producing and publishing knowledge in the fields of humanities and social sciences at the national and regional levels.​​


​The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences provides comprehensive, high quality education to help students acquire knowledge, analytical skills and critical thinking skills. It sensitizes students to the ever-increasing needs of their society and prepares them for the challenges of a rapidly-changing world. As the largest and most diverse academic unit in the University, the College serves all undergraduate students through general education courses and offers a wide variety of graduate and undergraduate programs in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The College promotes ethical development based on Arabic and Islamic values, and seeks to instill in its students the habits of learning, creative thinking, self-confidence, effective collaboration and community service.


The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences strives to achieve the following goals:
1-   Provide excellent education at the graduate and under- graduate levels in the fields of History, Arabic, English, Sociology and Education.
2-   Provide service and support courses to other colleges in the University.
3-   Build and maintain excellence in departments and programs across the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.
4-   Enrich the community of scholarship and learning through diversity.
5-   Improve the ability of students and faculty to conduct research, produce creative work and integrate scholarship with teaching.
6-   Expand and diversify the resources available to the College in order to achieve its goals.
7-   Provide training and consultancies in a variety of fields to the community at large.
8-   Foster stronger relations with other colleges, the community and institutions of similar interests locally and internationally