I was lucky to be a part of the computer science department. Majoring in IT-Multimedia allowed me to fully utilize the left(analytical) and the right(creative) parts of my brain, and powered me with needed knowledge for my career life. Being involved in the computer science society activities opened many doors to me. I proudly call the Department of Computer Science Home.
Balsam Alkouz
IT-Multimedia Graduate Jan 2016


I have always had a fascination with Computers and Computer Science was the natural choice for
​​​Amar_Hamzeh.jpg​me. Throughout my study at the University of Sharjah Computer Science Department, I learned many skills and concepts that later proved to be essential in my career. Following my graduation. I pursued a career in Telecommunications. I currently work at Oracle in the Professional Services Delivery team. I would recommend the B. Sc. In Computer Science for anyone who is looking for a solid foundation in computing concepts, which makes learning new technologies easier later in their career.
Amar Hamzeh


DSC_0140.jpgFor me, there really isn't a question here. I have had a mystical attraction to computers ever since I was a child. I never really chose computer science, it chose me. The most important aspect I liked from studying computer science at UOS is the problem solving, the essential skill for life. Because computers solve problems, to serve people, there is a significant human side of computer science as well. I really r​ecommend computer science at UOS to people to study it.
Dr. Fatma Taher
Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Khalifa University (Sharjah Campus)