Department Overview


The Department of Chemistry envisions itself to be a centre of excellence in teaching chemical sciences, community based-research, creative activities, and outreach services. 



The mission of the Department of Chemistry is to provide high quality education at the undergraduate level, and to prepare chemistry professionals to participate and contribute to their societies. It aspires to carry out the University of Sharjah's objective to instill in its student a spirit of independent research and a deep commitment to scientific thinking and continuous progress.


The Bachelor of Science degree program in chemistry has the following goals:

  1. Students are able to be critical and independent learners, and should recognize, recall, show an understanding of scientific knowledge, and communicate information. Graduates will be able to update their professional skills continuously to design integrated systems of people, information, energy, machines, materials and financial resources.
  2. Students are able to design, perform, analyze the results of chemical experiments, and be able to select appropriate practical methods and implement the safety techniques.
  3. Students are able to act as a source of expertise and assume responsibility in handling instrumentation independently and in team, and be able to formulate and present technical reports concisely.
  4. Students are able to carry out independent research in preparation for pursuing higher degrees and be observant to the ethical standards.