Chair's Welcome
It is with great pleasure we welcome you to the Department of Applied Physics & Astronomy. The Department offers a Bachelor Degree in Applied Physics in one of four applied streams; radiation physics, condensed matter physics, computational physics and astronomy. The choice of these four streams was based on the needs of the local as well as the international job markets, where there has been a high demand for physicists with skills in those fields. Graduates are expected to find employment in hospitals, environmental agencies, radiation monitoring centers, civil defense, petroleum industries, space programs as well as educational (teaching) and research institutions.
Undergraduate students are encouraged to take part in research activities, which has proven to be a great asset for finding jobs. Students have access to well-equipped laboratories and analytical techniques available at the University’s main campus, the Sharjah Center for Astronomy and Space Sciences (SCASS), and some international laboratories.
Our teaching staff is involved in a wide range of advanced research areas covering X-ray fluorescence, X-ray diffraction, archaeometry, astronomy, astrophysics, biomedical application of ultrasound, environmental acoustics, radiation detection and monitoring, thermal properties of solid materials, solar cell growth and characterization, optical spectroscopy of semiconductors, characterization and modeling of metallic nano-particles and computational physics.
In addition to commitment to teaching and research, our staff is involved in several community outreach projects. Among these projects are the regular Physics Shows at local high schools, workshops and public seminars, as well as the regular consultations we offer to various sects of the community.
Our goal in the Department of Applied Physics and Astronomy is to ensure that our graduates are well-qualified and prepared for employment in scientific careers, advanced professional training, and graduate study.  



Hachemi B. Benaoum,

Chair of Department