Department Overview

The Department of Applied Biology is committed to enhancing its standing as a national and international leader in biotechnology education, research and service delivery with an emphasis on serving the needs of the United Arab Emirates.


The mission of the Department of Applied Biology is to provide a high quality education to both undergraduate and graduate students. A significant aspect of this mission is to prepare life sciences professionals to participate and contribute to the development of the society. The Department strives to increase scientific literacy in the general public through its service courses and community service activities for the benefit of the UAE and the region.


The bachelor degree in the Biotechnology Program has the following goals:

  1. To provide a high quality, intellectually challenging education in biotechnology that prepares graduates to make a positive contribution to society.
  2. To equip students to be critical, independent learners experienced in evidence-based assessment of problems, both at university and throughout life.
  3. To provide students training in research in preparation for higher degrees through conducting an independent research project in their final year.
  4. To introduce advanced technical procedures and modern biotechnology practices in pharmaceutical, medical, industrial and agricultural fields.