Resources & Facilities

Microbiology Lab
The Laboratory is set up to familiarize students with the techniques used to grow, control and identify microorganisms. 


Molecular/Biochemistry Lab
This lab is designed to introduce the students to the field of molecular biology and biochemistry. In this lab the student will learn basic techniques used in molecular biology/biochemistry including polymerase chain reactions (PCR), expression cloning, DNA and RNA purification, SDS gel electrophoresis and western blotting.


Research lab
This lab is designed for research project students to complete their final year research projects 


Bioinformatics Lab

This lab will introduce students to biological databases like NCBI, UCSC and ensemble in addition to some of the most commonly used software packages for genetic analysis of nucleic acid and protein sequences. In addition the class explores and explains some of the computational biology tools found on the Internet and how they can be applied to problems in genomics and molecular biology.