Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology
Chair's Welcome
Welcome to the website of the Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology at the College of Pharmacy. The department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology is one of  three departments which constitute the College of Pharmacy and it has been growing since the launch of the College of Pharmacy in 2004.

 Our department offers modern and innovative undergraduate pharmacy education by combining science, technology, professional training and personal growth and development. We prepare students to have the academic knowledge, practical experience, and professional values of a pharmacist.

 The department faculty members model the values, ethics, and attitudes of the pharmacy profession for their students and are committed to helping each student meet his or her career objectives in the pharmaceutical sciences. The fresh knowledge our faculty brings to the classroom comes from their own research labs and their connections to the world's leading pharmaceutical scientists.

 Studying pharmaceutics courses holds the key to a vast array of career pathways as a medicines expert. It can promote your career in a high street community pharmacy, the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory affairs, marketing and medicines information, academia and research, and many others. No matter which sector the pharmacist chooses for a career, the skills and scientific knowledge gained in the Pharmaceutics Department are a foundation for a successful career.

 The department has continued to expand and reorganize to be more responsive to the rapidly changing scientific landscape. We've made significant investments in new faculty and infrastructure and embraced new scientific disciplines.  The department is very proud to celebrate the inauguration of the new Pharmaceutical Technology Lab located in the central labs in M-12 which is a complete unit that allows the production of solid dosage forms such as tablets and capsules and carry of all quality control tests as performed in an industrial setting. Such  lab is expected to have huge impact on student learning and achievement of program outcomes and allow for a much wider cooperation with the pharmaceutical industrial sector and student training.

 Thank you for visiting our department and please drop by our offices or contact us at any time.

Dr.Mohamed Haider
Head, Department of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology