• Pharmacy student's counseling competition 2017

" All what I can say about my 5 years journey at the College of Pharmacy that it was a life time experience, each minute taught me something that I will keep remembering for my whole life. "

Teeb Essam
Graduate of 2014

 "The College of Pharmacy, University of Sharjah gives the opportunity to meet excellent professors and build a network while studying in its campus. I keep a great memory of the classes and of the atmosphere among students. Therefore, I would recommend it to any student looking for a good pharmacy academic curriculum and a caring environment."

Mohamed Magdi ElTawous
Graduate of 2014

​"Studying the College of Pharmacy at UOS is an exceptional experience in promoting proactive learning. Special thanks to all of the faculty members that have guided me and gave me all the required tools and experience to reach my goals and are still following and helping me after graduation by giving me all the career advice and motivation to become an efficient health care provider and deliver patient care. After my study has came to an end I have learned that success is connected with action and moving forward and not quitting is the key that can make the impossible possible. I wish I can go back in time and live back all the moments and memories with my friends and doctors which I truly miss from the bottom of my heart."

Chirine Trad,
Graduate of 2013

"When I reflect on my five years in the College of Pharmacy, University of Sharjah, I conclude that the experience not only helped me to develop my knowledge but also prepared me for my career by giving me a perspective of what to expect in the field of pharmacy combined with many valuable skills such as critical thinking and the search for continuous learning. There was encouragement coming from all sides especially the incredibly supportive classmates and the experienced professors. In addition to that outstanding educational resources and facilities provided by the university which made those years of my life unforgettable. Now that I'm studying PharmD and I definitely miss the medical library and its great resources."

Anna Z. Barjooei.
Graduated of 2011

 "The College of Pharmacy at University of Sharjah focus on high level training in variety of pharmaceutical settings  such as Community pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Clinical Pharmacy, Oncology Pharmacy and Drug Information, where you get the chance to practice what you have learned in class and makes you integrated into community."

Saleh Edelbi
Graduate of 2010