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The University of Sharjah has 14 colleges offering many programs at the diploma, bachelor, masters and doctoral levels. For more information about colleges and degrees, please explore the colleges’ websites.​​​​​​
Sharia and Islamic Studies
slide 1The message of the college of Sharia and Islamic Studies is manifested in building a generation proud of its religion; civilization and affiliation to the nation by building a balanced personality that combines tradition and modernity in the field of Sharia and Islamic Studies. To achieve this objective the College Sharia, has two departments ; Fiqh and its Fundamentals and the fundamentals of religion. :- Visit college website
Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
slide 1Faculty of Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences offers a number of undergraduate and higher diploma and master's programs in the disciplines that take into account the actual needs of the community, and provides its students high quality education with a variety in teaching methods and techniques. This is done in an attractive and stimulating environment for learning, with a focus on the knowledge and skills that will be required of students after graduation. This task is performed by qualified professors that have attained the highest academic qualifications and acquired long experience in teaching. :- Visit college website
Business Administration
slide 1The College of Business Administration aims to prepare tomorrow’s managers and help them become effective leaders of local, regional and global organizations. Our College contributes to the development of the local economy through research and establishing effective links with local, regional, and international communities and organizations. :- Visit college website
slide 1The College of Engineering strives to contribute to the empowerment and advancement of the community and to inspire and nurture a generation of responsible citizens through providing purposeful and quality education in engineering. :- Visit college website
Health Sciences
slide 1The College of Health Sciences (CHS) is among the first established colleges at the University of Sharjah, forming an integral part of the University’s existence. Programs in the College embrace a multi-disciplinary approach to education and a broad range of subject areas that focus on the intensive study of the allied health and social sciences to provide students with a comprehensive understanding and background in these areas. :- Visit college website
slide 1The Colleges of Law has a big role in in establishing the principles of truth, justice and the sovereignty of law, and supplement of human thought with what is new in the field of legal science, and dissemination and renewal of knowledge and the development of human resources and the preparation of specialists in legal studies and equip them with practical skills necessary for legal and judicial careers. The college also seeks to build a balanced character for those who are expected to be leaders in their community. :- Visit college website
Fine Arts & Design
slide 1The College of Fine Arts and Design (CFAD) ranks as the number one choice for talented students who aspire to become creative, innovative and skilled artists and designers. Our College is located in the vibrant and multi-faceted Sharjah University City, an inspiring academic city within a culturally rich and diverse community. Our College provides a dynamic and stimulating environment in which to study creative areas such as Fine Arts, Interior Architecture and Design, Graphic Design and Multimedia, Fashion Design with Textiles, and Jewelry Design. :- Visit college website
slide 1The College of Communication aims at providing high quality programs in an effort to raise awareness regarding the vital role of the media in society. Also it prepares the students to take over professional and academic jobs in the field of Communication. The college programs reflect the Arab and Islamic values and comply with international and professional levels of scientific research. :- Visit college website
slide 1The College of Medicine is part of the University of Sharjah’s renowned Medical and Health Sciences Cluster in Sharjah University City, which boasts a magnificent picturesque campus with Beautiful landscaping and a colossal fountain lagoon that sits in the heart of the campus. The medical and Health Sciences Cluster is home to the Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Health Sciences, the Clinical Training Center ( CTC0 and Sharjah Surgical Institute (SSI) in addition to a state-of-the-art teaching hospital has opened its doors to the public in 2011. :- Visit college website
Dental Medicine
slide 1The College of Dental medicine strives to provide an environment conducive to learning and to instill in students appropriate dentistry values and ethics so that future graduates may contribute effectively to serving the community’s dental needs. :- Visit college website
slide 1The College of Pharmacy aims to graduate highly competent pharmacists who can make a positive change in the community through proper pharmaceutical practices and improving healthcare services. Our education is provided according to international standards, while maintaining the traditions and identity of the UAE society. :- Visit college website
Community College
slide 1The Community College at the University of Sharjah was established in 2005 upon the directives of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah, and President of the University of Sharjah, in order to strengthen the role of the university in the area of community service. In fact, the Community College constitutes a new phase and fundamental shift in the establishment and development of community services through building upon the experiences of the job preparation program launched in 2001 and the expansion of programs and specializations offered by the college. :- Visit college website
slide 1The College provides its students with an intellectually challenging education in the field of sciences, enabling them to develop and enrich their society. The College aims to prepare students to become critical thinkers so that they may meet the challenges of tomorrow. :- Visit college website
College of Graduate Studies
The College of Graduate Studies offers 17 master 's and 7 PhD programs, which are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and recognized worldwide. :- Visit college website