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The University of Sharjah has 14 colleges offering many programs at the diploma, bachelor, masters and doctoral levels. For more information about colleges and degrees, please explore the colleges’ websites.​​​​​​
Sharia and Islamic Studies
slide 1We focus on preparing a new generation of Islamic scholars, well grounded in the principles of Islamic teachings and equipped with the expertise to cultivate Islamic values within society. :- Visit college website
Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
slide 1The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences provides students a dynamic education in the diverse fields of arts, humanities and social sciences. Programs in the College cater to the needs of all colleges at the University and to the needs of the local, regional and international communities. As a graduate, you will be equipped with a solid background in your areas of specialization, enabling you to contribute effectively through a wide spectrum of professional opportunities. :- Visit college website
Business Administration
slide 1Business Administration aims to prepare tomorrow’s managers and help them become effective leaders of local, regional and global organizations. :- Visit college website
slide 1We offer 13 engineering programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels in a variety of fields, including a joint PhD with one of the best engineering colleges in Canada :- Visit college website
Health Sciences
slide 1The College of Health Sciences prepares competent and caring healthcare professionals through educational programs that emphasize current practices and scientific knowledge to foster self-directed learning, critical thinking and innovation. :- Visit college website
slide 1The College of Law prepares students for various specializations of law within the legal field. Students learn how to review legal documents and apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings. Our college offers students in-depth knowledge of law and prepares them to play a leading role in the community-at-large. :- Visit college website
Fine Arts & Design
slide 1The College of Fine Arts and Design provides you with a dynamic and stimulating environment in which to study creative areas such as Fine Arts, Interior Architecture and Design, Graphic Design and Multimedia, Fashion Design with Textiles. :- Visit college website
slide 1The College of Communication aims to provide quality programs in Arabic and English to promote a better understanding of the vital role of mass communication in society and to prepare students for professional and scholarly careers in communication. :- Visit college website
slide 1The College of Medicine aims to provide highly recognized and high quality medical and healthcare education and services in accordance with international standards while maintaining the traditions and identity of the UAE society. :- Visit college website
Dental Medicine
slide 1Dental Medicine is a unique and remarkable specialty and a fulfilling profession. On the one hand, it relieves unbearable pain and on the other, it creates a beautiful smile giving people more confidence. :- Visit college website
slide 1The College of Pharmacy graduates highly competent pharmacists able to contribute to the community through providing proper pharmaceutical practices and healthcare services. Education is provided according to international standards, while maintaining the traditions and identity of the UAE society. :- Visit college website
Community College
slide 1The Community College represents a major step forward in the educational development of the UAE and Sharjah and offers numerous quality programs in diversified specializations. :- Visit college website
slide 1The College of Sciences provides an intellectually stimulating education in the fields of science, enabling you to enrich local, regional, and international communities. We aim at preparing students to become critical thinkers in the numerous disciplines of science so that they may respond to the challenges of tomorrow and keep abreast of the rapid developments in the fields of science. :- Visit college website
The College of Graduate Studies offers 17 master 's and 7 PhD programs, which are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and recognized worldwide. :- Visit college website